Vaginal questions still prohibited or mentionable???🤔🤔

Vaginal questions still prohibited or mentionable

Most of the women have a very common and usual set of questions that we generally feel ashamed or worried about asking anyone. Many of us don’t feel comfortable to ask and discuss those questions even with a doctor.

But my question is why so??? Are we women not allowed to speak thoroughly about our vaginal status with anyone neither with the doctor even???

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Doctors are secondly named after God they are friends for life and they have answers for every question. There are still some prohibited questions which many of us hesitate to discuss in public as well as in private.

So, here are 7  ambiguities regarding our vagina which we all have in our mind.

1. What if I don’t bleed once I lose my virginity?

vaginal questions - woman cycling

Now my simple answer to this question would be it is normal for some of the women who bleed during their first sexual intercourse. But with that some of the women don’t bleed in their first intercourse, it also has some reason behind it. Many women are blessed with extra hymenal tissue and for this reason, they often bleed a lot during their first intercourse. And for those who don’t bleed during the first intercourse but simultaneously feel the exact same pain, the reason is that they might have gone through a hymenal breakage earlier. Mark my statement they might have gone through a hymenal breakage earlier that means not only by doing sex but through some other activities like:

  1. Horse riding
  2. Swimming
  3. Taking part in sports and games
  4. Cycling
  5. Boxing
  6. And sometimes by using tampons

Now, in this case, women may not have the idea of her hymen breakage because it may not cause any sort of bleeding or pain. A broken hymen does not necessarily mean that a woman has lost her sign of purity. It is absolutely normal if a woman doesn’t bleed in her first sexual intercourse.

2. Is it possible for someone to tell that, how many sexual partners I had?🤔

vaginal questions - how many sexual partners

It is definitely possible only if your husband or boyfriend is a doctor (specialized gynecologist) 😅.

A woman’s hymen is made up of tissues which generally expands when an external organ gets inside it. So, it gets stretched a bit and accommodates a male penis inside it. But exactly after the intercourse it always returns back to its original state. If a woman loses her virginity and her next intercourse would have happened after a few months she generally feels the same pain what she has sensed it during her inaugural intercourse. Even when we insert tampon inside the vagina we do feel the same pain. So only a gynecologist can tell really how many sexual partners one had earlier.

3. Why do I feel peeing in the middle of intercourse??

vaginal questions - feel peeing in the middle of intercourse

 The desire of peeing in the middle of intercourse is quite normal and very common among almost every woman. This also has a reason behind it, whenever the penis is inserted into the vagina it simultaneously puts a heck lot of pressure in the urinary bladder at the same time. Sometimes a woman thinks that she had already peed during her intercourse or in her pregnancy. But the desire of peeing and actually peeing is very different, sometime you might feel the orgasm after sex. In fact, we women also ejaculate some sort of liquid fluid from our vagina equally as men ejaculates.

4. Why do I get the period smell or orgasm smell from my own body?

vaginal questions - period smell or orgasm smell

We all are blessed with a unique scent of each one of us, same as that menstrual blood itself has no odor. Yes, you heard that absolutely correct it has no smell. Same as that when women do orgasm they too don’t have any sort of smell. The odor what we feel that comes from the mixture of bacteria and uterus which only we can smell it. The mild odor is absolutely natural with everyone, in fact, it’s the sign of a healthy and fit vagina. But if anyone is getting that strong smell then it might turn to be a bacterial infection which is generally transferred during sexual intercourse. In that case, consult with your gynecologist asap.

 5. What is vaginal farting??

vaginal questions - vaginal farting

 Vaginal farting is commonly named as queefing. It is quite a common gesture and one should not be worried about it. This generally happens when air gets trapped at a certain point during your sexual intercourse. But it doesn’t do any harm to your body as I mentioned it earlier. In fact, it’s a matter of fun and laughter between you and your partner. One should not even feel embarrassed by a vaginal fart.

6. How do I remove hair from the pubic area?

Vaginal questions remove hair from the pubic area

 Doctors generally ask women to keep the pubic area more cleaner and tidier. Women generally prefer using razor down there but I would highly suggest not to go deep down there with a sharp razor. It might tend to give you a harsh cut which can be even more dangerous sometimes. In fact, I would highly recommend you to go to a professional salon who can treat your private area gently and softly. Brazilian wax and Lazor hair treatment is highly recommended for removing pubic area hair.

7. Why sometimes I feel that itching sensation deep inside vagina?? 

Vaginal questions-itching sensation deep inside vagina

First and foremost thing avoids wearing those lacy and synthetic panties which mainly cause the itchy sensation down there. Second, try to keep your vagina hydrated as much as possible.

Now your question could be how to keep vagina hydrated??🧐 Use silicone free intimate care for example intimate wash or intimate foam wash that would help to keep the vaginal areas pH balanced.

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Always use linen or cotton panties for everyday use it gives you more comfort and itchy free surface for your vagina. Lastly, the itchy sensation might occur due to the allergic reaction of your sanitary napkins or tampons. For that, consult a doctor immediately to check out infections.

Disclaimer: The content is really informative and it should not be considered as medical advice. if anyone is facing any sort of vaginal infection immediately consult a good gynecologist. Your health matters first always.

Keep yourself fit and healthy and till then “Be amazing be a Diva”. ❤️❤️❤️

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