Travel beauty essential kit

Travel beauty essential kit

Aren’t you all excited for your next summer trip??? Travel itself is such a amazing thing while people hearing this word they shout out loud and feel so excited that they are going to take a nap from all the hustle and bustle from their daily life and are going to travel. As summer seasons is across and many schools and colleges are going to shut down.

woman on vacation

So ladies pack your bags, pull of your socks and go plan your summer trip with your best buddies.

Probably many of them might have started planning their trip. But only planning is not enough, what you guys would take on your travel wardrobe??? Confused right??

You should know that what you should carry and the right beauty products in your travel kit is just so crucial. Starting from moisturizers to lip balms everything is equally important, with that you also need to keep your travel beauty kit very smartly and thoughtfully packed.

ladies pack your bags

I am here to help you out on that!!

Below I am going to list of some must carry beauty essential that would surely help your makeup and skincare regime or routine during your travel.

Your travel kit also depends on the venue that where you are going for, if it’s a beach venue then definitely the beauty kit will be different and if you are going to some Hill station then it is going to be a different kit. So here I’ll be mentioning all the beauty products which are applicable for beach and as well as for hill station.

1. Starting of with a nourishing and moisturizing body lotion

nourishing and moisturizing body lotion

  • One should always keep that in mind that travelling to a complete new location is giving your skin a chance to adapt the locations weather. Your skin needs double hydration and nourishment. Since travelling is not very easy but rather it’s a strenuous job for the skin.
  • Sofa moisturizing your body I would suggest you to go for Vaseline intensive care Aloe fresh body lotion. This lotion is completely non sticky, feather light formula with 100% pure Aloe Vera extract and micro droplets of Vaseline jelly which restores the skin moisture to give you soft and healthy skin. The lotion claims to instantly absorb 5 layers deep for healthy soft skin.

For detailed description about Aloe Vera you can check out the link here 👉 A pocket size beauty regime with – Aloe Vera

2. Do not ever forget your body wash

Body Wash

  • Going out traveling a lot doing lots and lots of outdoor sightseeing trying out new cuisines is definitely very exciting. But with that your skin also get contact with lots of dirt particles. This is the actual moment when your skin needs extra hydration because the weather might change and your skin might turn to be dry and damaged.
  • For this I would like to suggest for Nivea fresh powerfruit shower gel. It can give you the experience of the goodness of pearls which provides your skin a very long lasting freshness. The shower gel envelope your skin with a silky soft foam, while it’s scent of antioxidant blueberries which stimulates your senses.

3. A sunscreen or sunblock cream is a must

A sunscreen or sunblock cream is a must

  • All my Diva’s no matter what your skin complexion is a sunscreen is always good when it is used for beating the scorching heat. a good sunscreen not only helps in preventing harmful UV rays but also prevents damaging your lovely skin too.
  • My take for sunscreen is L’Oréal Paris UV perfect advanced 12H UV protector spf 50+. This one stands best because it is water based sunscreen and doesn’t leave of film on your skin. It also gives a long lasting optimal protection in a new IC moisturizing texture and can be used at the end of skin care routine as a daily moisturizing makeup primer.

For detailed description about sunscreen you can definitely check out the article here 👉 5 Preferable Sunscreens to Guard Your Oily Skin

4. Carry a face cleanser that works as an exfoliator too


  • Pampering and taking care of your skin starts with cleansing and then exfoliating. The first step for skin care is cleansing weather without Face Wash or with a face exfoliator. And if both the work is done by a single product then imagine how much time you all will be saving in your trip. 💃💃
  • Availability of good face washes and face exfoliators are there in market with mind blowing affordable price. But I will suggest you to carry this one with you and trust me after few usage of this product you all will start raving this product’s name. Aroma magic Neem and tea tree face wash, the product claims to be completely herbal, Ayurvedic and contains disinfecting formula to cure acne. As the product’s ingredients has neem and tea tree in it so it does its job.

5. Carry such a base that works as a concealer and corrector

Taking Selfie

  • Travel means selfies, lots of photograph and big suitcase of memories. And who wants those travel selfies without makeup that are going to be so incomplete and annoying. This is the reason why i have asked you people to carry the 24 that would work as a concealer and a corrector both. This is the reason why I asked you guys to use a multipurpose base that will cancel all your in perfection and moisturise your skin at the same time.
  • I will suggest for Nykaa skin genius conceal and correct palette. Nykaa has recently launched the skin genius correct and conceal palette. The creamy and creaseless formulation blends effortlessly into your skin and stays true to your color giving you an absolute natural finish.

concealer and corrector 

In the range there are 5 conceal and colour corrector palette. Each one of you can easily blend them together to get a customised perfect match for your skin. You can easily use it with your hands simply take the color from the palette and dab it underneath your eyes and the areas where it is required and you are good to go for the photo session.

6. Use a long lasting kajal or kohl pencil


See using a heavy makeup while traveling is a big NO 🚫❎ for all the ladies out there. Please do not use anything which is heavy in your skin. Because as you travel weather changes accordingly and there is more chances of getting those annoying pimples bumps in your face. So be careful while selecting your makeup products while travelling. Go for minimalistic makeup, and in that queue kajal comes first.

Choose such a product that works both as hell eyeliner and kajal. For me Plum natur studio all day wear kohl kajal, the product is little pricey as a kajal but trust me it works wonder for your eyes. The goodness of plum which makes completely 💯% vegan and cruelty free beauty product. Very suitable for your eyes 💯% smudge proof, water proof that can be used as a kajal and a gel liner.

7. Use a correct lip colour or lip balm

woman making up her lips

  • Don’t ever think of applying those thick matte lipsticks that will end up drying your lips during travel. You can definitely choose light colour shade of lip tint or balm. Mostly go for nudes and peaches that would give you a natural look for your lips.
  • Nivea blackberry shine lip care delights is a lip balm which every girl should give it a try. Long lasting moisturisation with delightful blackberry aroma and chosen pigment that leave a touch of colour on your lips. Your lips care a lot for you now it’s your turn to care for them.

8. Now coming on to the comfortable travel attire ideas for women

The most exciting part of the blog is this where I can tell you the ideas of styling yourself while traveling.

We see many celebrities and bloggers who have a special travel wardrobe for them were they wear those outfit so that they can get the paparazzi’s attention. But we don’t calculate and accessories our garments because we are common people.

Here is how to upgrade yourself for travel. 


From starting from the place to the temperature as I have mentioned above. To be a very practical traveller you will need all versatile pieces that you can reuse in the trip, instead of wearing everyday new clothes would rather make your travel bag a complete luggage. Similarly that would a become a headache for you in the trip.

Do not be a miserable, pack your shoes and clothes which you are comfortable with. Shoes which are road tested more than twice is considered to be good for a trip.

The perfect travel outfit is actually super calculative and formulaic. I am sharing few ideas 👇 of how to pack your travel kit and what are necessary things which every girls and guys should carry with them while traveling.

  • A loose plain T-shirt and denim is a must.
  • A biker jacket for boys and girls both is very essential with that cardigan or pullover hoodie can also be a good option for girls. If the place allows so.
  • Jogging pants and tights are also a good replacement of denim.
  • Running shoes and sneakers would also do both for girls and boys.
  • A backpack is a must for all your stationaries, toiletries and beauty essential.
  • Aviator sunglasses is a must in your travel kit.
  • Girls don’t forget your sanitary napkin or tampons. Because you never know when periods is gonna hit you.
  • For boys carry your shaving kit, avoid taking those sharp razors and replace them with trimmers or electric shavers.
  • Don’t forget taking hand sanitizer with you, because keeping yourself healthy and hygienic comes first while travelling.
  • Don’t fold your clothes that would take more space in your travel bag. Instead of folding, roll all garments and arrange them accordingly.
  • Girls need not have to carry big bottles of shampoo, conditioner they can take small sachet of those.
  • Girls should carry pepper spray, deodorant or body spray with them, because there safety is a must. During the trip they might get in contact with some unknown jerks who can trouble them. For those pepper spray is a must to have.
  • Don’t forget to keep some extra cash because during your trip you might come across some unusual places where you won’t get any ATM machine. So for safety carry extra cash with you always.
  • Always carry a travel first aid kit with you.

Hope this summer vacation your trip should remain memorable as long as it can. I wish that whatever tips and styles I have mentioned above would help you guys while traveling. Please write down below your memorable experience while traveling.

Hope you all are doing great… till then tada.🤘

And don’t forget as I always say Be Amazing Be a Diva... xoxo 😍❤️

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