Tips to get a hygienic intimate area in this scorching summer

Tips to get a hygienic intimate area in this scorching summer

Summer it is one of the most fun and exciting season of all the season of all the time. Though we sweat a lot, struggle with many other difficulties in this weather but it is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable season undoubtedly. But we cannot deny the fact that this is the most crucial season where we have to pay more attention and have to take more care about our personal and intimate hygiene. Obviously someone is going to be very hot and humid in all the respective states and cities and with that it also gives convenience to the bacteria to grow immediately. More heat means more sweat or perspiration which can lead to intimate discomfort, resulting to vaginal infection, peculiar smell from intimate area etc. etc.

pain in intimate area

Being a girl taking care of your own personal and intimate hygiene is always a good practice and a good habit to maintain a feminine and clean intimate area. One should never compromise in taking care of personal and intimate hygiene. Though India is such a country where women are primarily known as givers in any family. They work outside they have to face lots and lots of challenges and all the responsibilities with a professional goal as well. And one of the most neglected problems in a woman is intimate care with over 75% of women are completely unaware about their intimate disease.

Now a days intimate disease are quite common in rural as well as in urban areas. In rural areas women are not financially helped with their intimate problems whereas in urban areas women do not get time to get checked up with their gynecologist. So at any cost women has to suffer when it comes to vaginal disease.

However the rules are very basic and simple which day can take as precautionary and preventive measure to take care of their intimate area.

The following steps are:-

1 Washing your vaginal area

Washing your vaginal area

Girls make a regular routine a habit of washing your vaginal area every two to three hours. You need not have to feel shy about doing this because that is a part in you. You should never feel discomfort experience regarding your vaginal area. A regular care and precautionary measures can give you the assurity of a clean and safe vaginal area. During your menstrual cycle you should concentrate more in washing your intimate area, because 10 time when the area is contacted more with bacteria and germs.

2 Say no to soap

Say no to soap

Our intimate area is even more sensitive than our face and a soap has a pH factor of 5.5 which is almost same as your skin. However our vaginal area is very sensitive and delicate therefore the pH balance should start the range from 3.8 to 4.5. in fact so can even make your vaginal area more dry so instead of using soap one can switch to Intimate hygiene with the V Wash plus expert hygiene intimate wash. Which is a good replacement for your soap routine. This product helps in maintaining the pH of a vagina by producing lactic acid which protects the vagina from all infections and helps the vagina to fight against all the bacteria which tends to get infections and inflammation.

3 Choose your correct undergarment

Choose your correct undergarment

Undergarment is one of the most important attire in a female fashion. Prefer wearing cotton panties instead of those synthetic fiber panties which can lead to a vaginal infection. Because it can give you an itching sensation and results in inflammation. So use pure cotton panties and that too helps in keeping the intimate area cool and comfortable.

4 Avoid wearing tight clothes

Avoid wearing tight clothes

In this summer avoid wearing tight clothes because our intimate area also needs to breathe. It is very essential part of a human body. Avoid wearing those tight skinny jeans or tight pants which can’t allow air to pass in your intimate area. Allow fresh air to pass in the area, that will give you comfort and minimizes all the discomfortness.

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5 Start using tampons instead of sanitary napkin

Start using tampons instead of sanitary napkin

Sanitary napkin is one of the most used intimate product for a women. But no one knows that how much it can risk a women’s life. It gives you rashes and urinary infection. So ladies out there now you all don’t have to struggle changing your sanitary napkin every single hour in your heavy flow days. There is good replacement for you all available in market and that is tampons. Tampons are made up of rubber which you can use it easily getting ejected to your vagina and it looks funnel which collects all your waste blood. By using this you don’t have to change it again and again, in fact you can simply wash it with plain water and reuse it as much as you can.

6 Avoid using public restrooms

Avoid using public restrooms

Now this is tough thing for a women to do because I myself face this problem every time whenever I go out somewhere. Using public restrooms or washrooms is the most challenging one. Emergency is a different case when one cannot control but try to avoid using that because you never know how many of them have used the restrooms. It can immediately make you fall sick with urinary tract infection.

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One thing you all can do carry a toilet seat sanitizer whenever you all go out. Simply spritz 2 spray of that and feel free to seat in the toilet seat.

7 Intimacy with your partner

Intimacy with your partner

I know that summer is a season where people sweat a lot and they even don’t hesitate to sweat in bed with her partner. So girls before getting intimate make sure that your partner is taking precautions such as Condom. Avoid using those scented lubricants which can also give you a chance of vaginal infections.

8 Shave your intimate area

Shave your intimate area

Shaving your intimate area or pubic area is a must in this scorching summer. Pubic hair can tend to lots and lots of sweat in the intimate area which results in infections. So be very careful in shaving your pubic care use a good quality of razors which is available in market. Do not cut yourself while shaving your pubic hair. Do not ever use any hair removing cream or do not wax out there which will also results in skin infection. You all can go for a Brazilian wax or permanent laser hair removal for vaginal area.

9 Do not use deodorant

Do not use deodorant

Never ever use deodorant or perfume in a vaginal area. We girls are very particular about how we smell and in this marathon we even don’t leave our vagina to be natural. A slight smell from your vagina is very natural in every women’s health. But when one start putting effort to eradicate the smell completely by putting deodorant in the area is the most dangerous thing a women can do for herself.

10 Use intimate care wipes

Use intimate care wipes

If any day you are in hurry or you are going to attend an important meeting and you don’t have time to even go to restroom. You can simply carry intimate area wipes in your vanity bag always so that whenever you feel like to clean the area you can gently wipe off the genital area with the help of a wipe.

This is an earnest request from my side to all the ladies. Do not ignore or neglect the vaginal diseases whatever you are facing. Share your problem with anyone whom you feel like to tell. All the maiden girls they can share it with their mom and all the married women share it with your partner. And if you are facing with any vaginal disease go get cured as soon as possible. Because vagina is one the most important body part in a women body. Vagina does a lot it gives a birth it fights with lot of bacteria. So keeping that in mind, please all my divas take care of your personal hygiene.

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Hope all this suggestion would do wonder for your intimate area and change your intimate care game. Stay healthy, eat healthy and till then as I always say “Be amazing be a Diva”


  1. Coming to the private part, let’s talk openly, everyone has a private part?? Yes. So, keep it clean as you clean your hand every time it gets dirty. It’s important for everyone because private parts are the most sensitive parts of the human body which get easily infected with anything. Clean it every time you pee, means whats the big deal in that, take some water and clean it, whether you are man or woman, you should clean it every time you go to pee. While taking bath everyday clean it properly, you can use water or intimate wash for that. Believe me, it is good for you.

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