The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream Review

The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream Review

As we have stepped in Unlock 1.0, slowly and steadily lockdown is lifted. Apart from essentials, e-commerce sites have started delivering all the items in different parts of our country.

So I thought of exploring a few new brands and I came up with The Moms Co. Since I have nowhere to go, I planned to buy a new eye cream as I was running out of it.

Now Let me quickly tell you about what this brand is all about-

About The Moms Co.

The Moms Co. was founded back in 2012 by two IIM graduates now happily married together  Malika Sadani & Mohit Sadani. Malika being a mother herself was not ready to compromise anything regarding her baby. The Moms Co. was born only when her uncompromising attention to her own baby and desire that no mom should have to compromise on products when it comes to their baby.

She says “I am an obsessive mother, always have been. I’m sure there are enough moms like me who want the best for themselves and their babies and hate having to compromise on the safety of the products they use for themselves and their family.

-(Taken from the official website)

As day by day, the environment is getting polluted and today’s babies are consuming more artificial food and usage of chemicals is increasing every moment. The Moms Co. has come up with the idea of helping moms with better, safer options wherever they feel the need – personal care products, foods, and more.

Now, this blog is not about their personal care products or baby products, it is about their best selling eye cream  The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream.

About The Product

The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream.

The Moms Co. Vita Rich Under Eye Cream is enriched with Coffee Oil, Chia Seed Oil, and Vitamin E which works wonderfully for dark circles and reduces fine lines. It is said that this is the best eye cream for bags and puffiness too.

The eye cream contains – Purified water, glycerin, caprylic triglyceride, glyceryl monostearate, citric acid, sweet almond oil, organic aloe vera, jojoba oil, chia seed oil, coffee oil, chamomile oil, orange essential oil, Vitamin E & B3.

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  • Coffee oil helps to reduce dark circles, fine lines, and eye puffiness.
  • Omega 3 Rich Chia Seed oil helps enhance skin hydration.
  • Hyaluronic acid & avocado oil also helps in enhancing skin hydration.
  • Vitamin B3 helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Chamomile oil helps in soothe

These 100% natural organic ingredients are present in the making of this eye cream. This eye cream has a very unique packaging. I have never seen anything like this. It has 15gms of product and it is in a tube shape. It has a cooling roller in its mouth you just need to pump out the product and massage under your eyes with the help of the cooling roller. For better results use your fingertips to massage the excess cream.

Now let’s talk about the most interesting part. The pros and cons of the product,

Pros of The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream

  1. It has everything natural
  2. Contains avocado oil, chia seed oil, orange essential oil, chamomile oil, coffee oil. All these ingredients are highly rich and work wonderfully on eye-related issues. 
  3. Contains Hyaluronic acid which helps in skin hydration
  4. Works for all skin types including Sensitive Skin 
  5. Works as a dark circles removal cream and a cream for bags and puffiness too
  6. Vitamin B3, a super effective skin-restoring ingredient, offers multiple benefits for aging skin as it helps even out skin tone and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  7. Paraben and Mineral-Oil free, This Under Eye Cream is 100% chemical-free.
  8. Cruelty-free
  9. Synthetic fragrance-free
  10. Silicone free
  11. Dermatologically approved
  12. The brand has everything made up of recyclable plastic
  13. PETA Certified 
  14. Australian Allergy Certified
  15. Sleek packaging, looks luxurious
  16. Not very costly for an eye cream

The product does work after a few weeks but the results might come out a bit late. As I always say, every product needs some time to work on each one of you. For better results use it at night. 

Now let’s talk about the cons.

Cons of The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream

  1. The cooling roller sometimes creates problems while applying the cream.
  2.  In fact, the product doesn’t come out sometimes
  3. It’s better to buy the product from its official website.
  4. Available only at online stores.

Overall I loved the product but I have a small complaint regarding the pump. The one which I bought had a broken pump, I couldn’t even return it.  I am happy that the brand has taken care of the hygiene but it should also look after it’s the packaging. I use this eye cream with my fingertips. I am falling in love with the concept of the brand. They are not compromising with the organic ingredients. The Moms co. has emphasized more on mom and baby-related products. 

I would highly recommend this eye cream to everyone. But I would also like to give you a quick disclaimer. Anyone who works at night and doesn’t take care of their sleeping regime, the eye cream might not work wonders for them. Use it every day and see the visible results in a month. Discontinue using if you find the eye cream allergic to your skin, in that case immediately consult your dermatologist. Those who are beginners for them, this eye cream might be a little costly but trust me it’s worth it. You just need to pump out a pea-sized amount of product and apply it. Once again I will tell you that the product which works for me might not work for you.

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I would give a 4 out of 5. I am definitely going to buy this once my bottle is over. It cost me around 400 bucks and retails for Rs 474 /-. I bought it for a good discount on Amazon

I hope you all like the overall review of this amazing brand The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream. Lastly, as we all know lockdown has partially lifted in some states, but we being a citizen of India have to maintain all the guidelines given by our government. Don’t go out until and unless it is very important. Try to stay at home as much as possible. Till then your diva signing off and remember one thing as I always say Be Amazing Be A Diva.

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