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Sofy Cool Sanitary Napkin – Review

Softy Cool Sanitary Napkin - Review

Sofy a Unicharms feminine hygiene brand which uncovered the cool sanitary napkin named as “Sofy Cool”. The product “Softy Cool” has a very unique cooling technology which commits to give a feeling of fullness for an oversensitive period. The brand Sofy has come up with an absolute innovative idea for their customers. Though I was… Read More »

Vaginal questions still prohibited or mentionable???🤔🤔

Vaginal questions still prohibited or mentionable

Most of the women have a very common and usual set of questions that we generally feel ashamed or worried about asking anyone. Many of us don’t feel comfortable to ask and discuss those questions even with a doctor. But my question is why so??? Are we women not allowed to speak thoroughly about our… Read More »