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A pocket size beauty regime with – Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is one of the most essential plant which is used extensively in almost all the herbal beauty and cosmetics product in whole world (all for good reasons). It has got all the antiviral and all antibacterial properties in it. For this reason it is considered as one of the most famous used beauty… Read More »

5 Preferable Sunscreens to Guard Your Oily Skin

5 Preferable Sunscreens to Guard Your Oily Skin

My dear Divas,⚢ no matter what your skin complexion is it’s always safe to be cautious in this beating heat. A good Sunscreen not only helps in preventing harmful UV rays from damaging your lovely skin, it also provides tons of benefits like enhanced skin tone, anti-ageing and zero freaky tanning. So, before you rush… Read More »