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Khadi Mauri Face Wash Review

Khadi Mauri

Yeah, I know that I am so late to give a review about this very common face wash which is buzzing all over the internet for last many years. But as we all know that it’s never too late to give a review on a beauty product. So here I come for the first time… Read More »

Best skin care products for oily skin

Best skin care products for oily skin

Do you face that irritation in your skin in summer season for your oily skin? Don’t worry girls I am going to share my holy grail products which perfectly suits my skin in summer. Though I am dry skin type in winter season but during summers my skin acts as oily to combination skin type…. Read More »

A pocket size beauty regime with – Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is one of the most essential plant which is used extensively in almost all the herbal beauty and cosmetics product in whole world (all for good reasons). It has got all the antiviral and all antibacterial properties in it. For this reason it is considered as one of the most famous used beauty… Read More »