Sofy Cool Sanitary Napkin – Review

Softy Cool Sanitary Napkin - Review

Sofy a Unicharms feminine hygiene brand which uncovered the cool sanitary napkin named as “Sofy Cool”.

The product “Softy Cool” has a very unique cooling technology which commits to give a feeling of fullness for an oversensitive period. The brand Sofy has come up with an absolute innovative idea for their customers. Though I was not happy with the normal cotton pad which personally gave me a heck lot of inflammation and irritation in my vaginal area. But this seems to be completely different from their original version of pad.

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As time is changing so far so as that our lifestyles young girls and women are spreading awareness about their menstrual hygiene. Day by day their demands for menstrual hygiene is also increasing rapidly. As we have seen in the movie Padman starring Akshay Kumar, Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor. The movie has set a different level of benchmark for all the ladies out there for their health and hygiene issues.

Softy Cool Sanitary Napkin

As per statistics, more than 60% of Indian women have a feeling of inflammation and irritation from their sanitary pads during their periods. They look for something that can help them from irritation and itchiness which they get from their sanitary napkin. Sofy has come up with an innovative idea and has recognized all the ladies problem and has launched the new product Sofy Cool that gives a feeling of coolness for an irritation-free period.

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Softy Cool Sanitary Napkin

As a brand, Sofy has always come up with solutions for their customers need. According to research during periods reason why girls feel irritation that’s all because of sweating, itchiness and stickiness in their vaginal area. This pad has a cooling sensation which gives comfort for a longer period of time. With that, it also gives you that confidence to work freely and boosts your inner goal.

Pros of Sofy Cool Pad

  1. Coolpad technology.
  2. Helps in irritation free period.
  3. Made with unique Japanese technology.
  4. Deep absorbent sheet.
  5. Super comfortable.
  6. Extra large pad for extra leakage.
  7. Good cool water fragrance.

Cons of Sofy Cool Pad

 Didn’t find any cons till date but the availability of this sanitary napkin is very less in the Indian market.

My take on the sanitary pad is 4.5 out of 5.

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Disclaimer: I was not paid to say anything about the above brand or the brands not mentioned. Please stop using if you find this pads discomfort to wear. For in that case immediately consult it with a doctor for further a do.

So all my ladies till then be happy, stay healthy and fit with that drink a lot of water in the summer to keep yourself hydrated. And last but not the least as I always say “Be amazing be a Diva”. ❤️❤️❤️


  1. Its very obvious the irritation and discomfort is felt by many womens out here during periods. It might makes a difference ! So proud you are highlighting the major issues of the era with an amazing solution ❤

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