Shaving myth busted (Whether to shave or not)

Shaving myth busted. Whether to shave or not?

Every woman once in a lifetime must have hesitated to shave her body because of some myth which she might have heard from her mum or from her friend etc. Trust me, girls that weren’t easy at all, I did hesitate for the first time before shaving my legs.

The main thing which always clicked in my mind whenever I used to think of shaving my body is – when I was a child I used to see my dad using his razor to remove all his beard and moustache and exactly after two or three days the hair comes back. And me being a very dad’s little girl kinda character, I always cling to my father. I used to rub my cheeks with his cheek like anything and always experience that typical poking sensation from his cheek. From that day I used to only hug him till now. So as of now jokes apart in this blog, I will clarify all the doubts regarding shaving, especially for women.


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First things first we all should keep one thing in our mind is- a man has a different texture of skin and a woman simultaneously has a very different texture of skin. One cannot compare these two genders skin texture and type. As time is passing in its own way with that science is touching its sky every day with a new invention and technology.

We all are in the 21st century where women get a lot of options for taking care of their skin starting from facials to laser treatments everything is possible nowadays. Women’s especially they have a very short time to look after their personal care but they still manage to take care of themselves because they have to look after too many things starting from family to office.


It is a very common and clear conception that shaving is the quickest way of getting rid of those unwanted hairs, unlike waxing and laser treatment where one does not have to go through those 60000 processes and 60 days of getting rid of their unwanted hair. But I am sure that many of you girls still feel confused while taking the decision of shaving the body because of some myth that people usually talk about which gets into your head and ruins your plans related to shaving.

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If I talk personally I have started shaving my body since I did not matriculate. Yeah, you heard that correct, somehow I am born with a very abnormal hormonal system, which gave me a lot of hair in my body since I was a child. So wearing those short skirts and hot pants were not very easy for me because I had very abnormal hair growth. So instead of using those hair removal Cream which eventually turned my skin darker and drier, I thought of switching my cream to a razor.

Today I am going to share my shaving routine and with that, I will also bust all the myth related to shaving. So let’s get started

shaving myth

1. Pre shaving care

Always remember one thing pre and post step of shaving is the most important way of taking care of your skin. Before heading to shave your body, apply body oil all over the area which is going to be shaved. Then start shaving, it will help your skin in the long run.

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2. Shaving routine

You should keep one thing in your mind that never ever shave your body each and every day. This is because our hair follicles do need some time to breathe in, allow your hair to come back whether it is rough or coarse or silky to smooth whatever the texture might be allow the hair to grow a bit. In my suggestions a body should be shaved in every 3 to 4 days.

3. Type of razor

It is very important to keep one thing in your mind that what type of razor you girls are using. That plays a very important role in shaving. Use a clean and sterilized razor and make sure that the blade shouldn’t get rust. Never use old and blunt razor it can cut your skin. And trust me, girls, you would never love to see that murder scene. It happened with me when I tried shaving with a blunt razor. A big no to those razors. Try to use a well cushioned razors which are available in online and offline markets as well. That type of razor has a soap layered cushion at the top of the razor which not only gives a grip but also saves your skin from injury.

4. Directions of shaving

Always shave from the opposite side of the hair growth. That helps you to easily get rid of the hairs in one stroke. Try shaving it diagonally and from a different angle. Do not use razor more and more in the same area of the body that might give you rashes if you are a sensitive skin person.

5. Good shaving cream is a must

While shaving, the importance of razor and shaving cream is equal. Try not to use soap which doesn’t contain glycerine in it. Because glycerine helps your skin look hydrated and soft. Nowadays shaving cream is easily available in the market.

6. Post shaving care

Always use a good moisturizer after shaving your body. Focus on those creams which contain aloe vera and Shea Butter in it. Aloe vera keeps the skin cool and gentle and on the other hand, Shea Butter gives your skin glowing and healthy-looking texture.

These are few steps which one can easily go through when she is heading to shave for the first time.

Now it’s time to bust some myths which we always get to hear from our friends and family.

shaving razor

Myth 1 :

Shaving makes your hair more rough and coarse.

Truth: Is it really so, I don’t think so because in the process of shaving it cuts down your hair from the top of your skin. It is not eradicating your hair follicle. Hair never comes thick and coarse, it depends on what type of hormones we are blessed with.

Myth 2:

Shaving makes your hair look like men’s beard.

Truth: No, I have already discussed this above that we human beings are blessed with different skin type and texture. A woman has different skin texture and a man have a completely different skin texture. Men have little higher hormonal growth in their face, so for that reason, they get beard and moustaches. But women have very tiny hair growth in their face but still, the hair can’t be compared with men’s hair growth.

Myth 3:

Girl’s cannot shave their face


Truth: Trust me, girls, this point is the biggest lie that I have noticed so many years. I am shaving my face for the last 5 years. In Fact, when I shave my face, it looks more clear and clean. It takes out all the dirt and oil from the skin. Gives a smooth and flawless feeling to the skin.

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These are a few myths which should be avoided because we girls go through a shortage of time. So for girls like me who like shaving and saving their time. Please do not forget to share and comment down below. You can also share your experience of shaving, that how shaving turn up your day immediately when you see a hair-free body in very few minutes.

My take on shaving is a big “yes”. I would rather suggest everyone to switch to shaving instead of using those hairs removing creams and painful waxing services. Get a hair-free body this season.
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Disclaimer: The content is really informative and it should not be considered as medical advice.

Keep yourself fit and healthy and till then “Be amazing be a Diva”. ❤️❤️❤️

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