Prepare and protect yourself for Holi – Festival of colors

Prepare and protect yourself for Holi - Festival of colors

Holi – The festival of colours, this festival is generally played among Hindu Religion. This festival is celebrated after winter gets over. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships.

We all love to play Holi, no matter how much our parents ask us to be careful while playing. But we always put in our 100% effort to make each and every Holi memorable. Water and colour these two things are the most best combination for every human being in this earth. Those pichkaris (A syringe like plastic tube) are so cute to handle during our childhood days. I miss those things till now.

Like every year we pre plan for Holi from “what to wear to what to eat”. Children and young ones show much of enthusiasm while playing “Holi” where as old ones keep themselves busy greetings guests and preparing delicious food. “The Holika Dahan” (A Ritualistic Bonfire) is done before a day of Holi. In short there is no tradition of holding puja(prayer), and this day is for partying and pure enjoyment.

The festival of colours
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Everything is okay. Now what about prepping your skin for this Holi ???? 🤔🤔 How to style yourself in this Holi?? Ladies you need not have to look ugly or untidy for a whole week for just a one day of celebration.

This year, before going out to play Holi, list out this safety measures which will help you be better prepared for Holi.

1. Oil your hair

First and foremost thing “Hair” which is one of the most important and beautiful asset for every ladies, which I personally believe.

Oil your hair

Well!!!! I know oiling hair sucks, and it looks completely out of fashion when it comes in oiling your hair. But trust me instead of bothering about your looks, you should bother about your hair. And also, with that you can definitely give it a try on creating new hair looks. For men or boys they can also use their hair oil or they can stick to their sticky hair gel. Few hairstyles I can suggest you guys. You can give a try to High Ponytail, Simple Braids would also slay your Holi look, along with that you can simply pull off your look with a unpolished bun or a messy bun would also do.

2. Paint your nails

Those annoying colours stuck in the corners of nails, which almost takes a week to get off completely.

Paint your nails

I am sure that no one wants that annoying colours in their nails for next one week. Don’t ever forget to apply nail polish or paint. And for all those boys who were wondering what would they do for covering up their nails??? They can either use clear gel polishes or for better precautions they can cover up their hands with plastic or rubber gloves LOL…. 🤣🤣 apart from this they don’t have any other options to do so. Neon and pastels shades I would recommend and avoid using white or pale colour nail paints.

Read my review on “Elansa nail paint Smoky Pearl and Hint of Mint“.

3. Body Lotion or Body Oil Is A Must…

Now coming to the skin another most important asset for every girl and boy out there.

Body Lotion or Body Oil Is A Must

It is very important to put body lotion or moisturizer or body oil, otherwise it will be very difficult to get the colour off from your body. I am sure that no one wants to look like a “Avatar” film’s actor where whole body is blue, eyes are golden. Go ahead and make sure you put a heck lot of lotion or moisturizer which would help your skin to create a protective layer from preventing colour to stick to your skin. I can suggest few names for that, go for “Biotique Holi Care Kit”.

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Very affordable from hair care to skin care every thing is there in this kit. All are made with organic ingredients. Helps in protecting your skin from any sort of damage, replenishes lost moisture and make your skin look supple. The hair product contains shampoo which cleanses hair without disturbing it’s natural pH, balances and promotes healthy shine.

4. Choosing your correct cloth is a must

What to wear while playing Holi??? Don’t think much, here is some few ideas of slaying your look while playing Holi…

what to wear in holi
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  • So all the teenage girls out there must be wondering to wear those flowy white anarkali or white gown which you guys usually see your favourite celebs wearing in movies and Holi party. But my dear divas you need to be very careful while selecting your outfit. Definitely go for all linen or cotton cloth which does not absorb water. Go for very light and casual wear while playing Holi and try to wear clothes which can cover most part of your body.
  • And now for those who don’t like wearing those long anarkali suit or Kurtis. For them I suggest them to wear indo-western top and torn or rugged jeans that would give them a Indian and as well as western look at the same time.
  • After Holi party outfit… for girls who love wearing Indian outfit. Go for flowy light colour salwar kameez, Anarkalis or kurti with cigarette pants.

5. Go for organic colour while playing Holi

Organic colour while playing Holi

  • Now what is this organic Color? Organic colours are those which are extracted from real flowers, raw fruits and vegetables. For example, to get yellow or mustard colour go for turmeric powder ( doesn’t harm your skin at all). To get green colour you can get colours extracted from tree leaves (they are dried and crushed and turned into powder).
  • Another way of playing Holi is as sweet and filmy way one can imagine. Take marigold flowers and separate it’s petals and after that you all can throw that on each other and celebrate Holi organically.

6. How to take care of your gadgets while celebrating Holi??

Take care of your gadgets while celebrating Holi

Try avoid carrying cellphones, iphones whatsoever you carry in your daily life whether it’s costly or cheap. Wrap your cell phone with the help of plastic film which is easily available in market. The plastic film would help your phone from getting dirty and damage.

7. Some miscellaneous yet important steps which everyone should look after.

  • Those who use contact lenses or spectacles. Avoid getting in contact with direct colour that can harm your eyes. If in case happens immediately consult with a doctor.
  • Don’t drink water after playing Holi with those contaminated hands. Wash your hands keeping yourself clean and have water or food.
  • Keep your lips hydrated because for those who use or going to use chemical treated colour for playing Holi. For them especially lips should be kept hydrated or else it will tend to look chapped.
  • Don’t stay in wet clothes for longer hours. That can make you fall sick.
  • Avoid yourself from any sort of cuts and wounds. Prepare a first aid kit before Holi. So that if any of your friends or neighbour they suffer from any sort of cuts and wounds you people can help them with that.
  • Eat healthy and drink less don’t forget to enjoy your mom’s special Holi malpua. All the young ones avoid having “Bhaang” in replacement of that you all can have “Thandai”.

I think that I have covered all the points to prepare yourself for a safe and healthy Holi.

I wish all my “divas and darlings” a very happy and prosperous Holi in advance. Be safe and drink less. 😉😉

Till then as i always say “Be Amazing Be a Diva”… xoxo 😍😘

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