Khadi Mauri Face Wash Review

Khadi Mauri

Yeah, I know that I am so late to give a review about this very common face wash which is buzzing all over the internet for last many years. But as we all know that it’s never too late to give a review on a beauty product.

So here I come for the first time with the brand I have used or tried you can say is – khadi mauri face wash.

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The face wash has all the natural and authentic Indian ingredient present in it starting from fenugreek to chamomile and Tiger herb which helps in skin lightening gives good care for skin blemishes, marks, and dark skin.

I’ll give a detailed description of the ingredients used in this face wash. I’ll start with

Fenugreek – Fenugreek is commonly known as mauri in Hindi and in other Indian languages. Fenugreek is a very powerful ingredient yet it is very gentle. It purifies skin and takes out all the impurities from your skin. Helps the skin to fight from all sorts of infections and pimples.

Fenugreek used in Khadi Mauri Face Wash

Chamomile – Chamomile promotes skin health at the cellular level by providing nutrition to the skin. Helps fight premature aging also helps in reducing spots skin blemishes and pigmentation. It does give a smoother & fairer looking skin.

Chamomile used in Khadi Mauri Face Wash

Tiger Herbs – Tiger herb also helps the skin to fight from aging, which is a great thing in itself. It helps to purify your blood circulation which eventually makes your skin pimples and acne-free.

tiger herbs

My overall experience with Khadi Mauri Face Wash.

First of all, I would highly appreciate the brand for giving such a huge amount of quantity with a great price point. That’s the first thing I would like to share from my end. Now coming onto the texture and the feeling what it gave to my skin.

I will mainly focus on the consistency of the cleanser or face wash. The facewash has a bottle like a feature which is sometimes very hard to carry and travel. Though I will explain the pros and cons in some other section.

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The face wash claims to be 100% natural and the ingredients speak it all. As mentioned above, it contains every possible herb which helps your skin fight pigmentation, acne, aging, and uneven skin tone. It gets extra points for the ingredients. Now coming onto the loyalty what it promotes, yes the brand khadi India is an ayurvedic patent proprietary medicine. It is completely ayurvedic made in India. Promotes women empowerment and it is also said that the success behind khadi India is all because of women who gave their priceless time to the company.

Now coming on to the pros and cons. Here I go

Pros of Khadi Mauri Face Wash

  1. It has an extremely beautiful smell
  2. It does not make me feel that I am using an ayurvedic product as we all know that ayurvedic product has some sort of pungent smell.
  3. The quantity is huge as compared to the price point.
  4. It contains all the natural products starting from fenugreek to Tiger herb.
  5. Promoted for rural women empowerment, that makes the buyer more happy to purchase from this brand.
  6. The face wash is suitable for all skin type mainly for dry skin.
  7. We get 210 ml of the quantity of facewash with a very reasonable price.

Cons of Khadi Mauri Face Wash

  1. The product is not a travel-friendly at all, the Khadi Mauri Face Wash leaks from the top.
  2. Accidently if the facewash goes inside the eyes, it gives a burning sensation like anything. It can give you an intolerable feeling.
  3. It is not tested on animals.

Overall I would give a 4 out of 5 for this facewash. I will deduct only because of the packaging and authentication. Rest I would love the brand to come up with some luxury products. Because it is such an unappreciated brand that the goodness of natural ingredients is getting hidden. So I want them to promote natural goodness in a luxurious way. Apart from this, I don’t have any complaint regarding the brand. They should come up with a product which should be tested on animals.

Link to buy

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Disclaimer- The product review given above is completely my whole and sole opinion. I was not paid to say anything about the brand or brands not mentioned above. The product which might suit me may not suit you guys, so please do check your skin type and purchase any product.

So what’s your take on Khadi India products do share your review in the comment section below? I would love to see that, till then I will share my social media handles below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and other social media handles.

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