Kay Beauty- A makeup line by Katrina Kaif

Kay Beauty- A makeup line by Katrina Kaif

The letter “K” not only stands for Korean beauty or Kylie Cosmetics but now this “K” stands for “Kay Beauty” a makeup line by famous Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. The Bollywood diva came up with her brand in October 2019 named Kay Beauty by Katrina Kaif.

For as long as I can remember, makeup has been an innate part of my journey- from the runway to the big screen, and now I have rendered my love for it to Kay Beauty, my first ever Beauty Brand!” After working for so many years in the Hindi film cinema, the actress chose to start her all-time favorite thing to give a start, which is Makeup. As Katrina Kaif as working as a model when she was a teenager, makeup has played a very vital role in her personal life. After retiring from modeling she entered in film career where again makeup played a quite important role.   – Katrina Kaif

The actress also shared in a press conference behind the idea of her makeup line is – the products available in kay beauty has everything in the form of a pencil, and every time she heads for shooting, she takes a lot of time in getting ready.

Katrina says she created a brand that truly stands for what she believes in.

I’m always on the clock, always on the run, with endless shots that involve me wearing make-up all the time. As much as I love the look and feel of it, I do wish my skin felt as comfortable, as I did wearing it.

She also says Kay Beauty is “a bridge between high glamour and care“, and according to me the idea behind her makeup line is great.

With all the hype and comparison, the products of Kay beauty are available only in Nykaa online and in their stores. The product has many makeup items in their range stating from eyebrow pencil to translucent powder. They came up with lip crayons and kohl pencils but slowing they are gearing up their speed and concentrating more on face products.

The idea of partnering with India’s largest beauty retailer Nykaa

The partnership between Nykaa and Kay Beauty has shown us that two successful women if partnered well, can conquer the world. So did Falguni Nayar ( Founder Of Nykaa)  & Katrina Kaif.

Nykaa has always been a great retailer platform for someone who all are intending to start their makeup line. If in near future I will plan to start a makeup line of my own I would reach for Nykaa. The concept of makeup on the go has surely hit the genuine consumers who head to the corporate sector and for those who don’t have much time to use makeup. The kajal pencil, eyeshadow pencil, lip crayon everything is so easy to use and less time consuming which drew their consumer’s attention for sure. Nykaa always comes with a good discount or Kay Beauty at the end of the season sale.

About Kay Beauty

Personally, if you ask me then I have a big list which will be going on and on and on. The biggest collaboration ever happened in 2019 which was Katrina X Nykaa and the purpose behind it is –  #makeupthatkares. Katrina Kaif revealed her cosmetics line aiming to promote her glossy and luscious lips which we generally see in her movies. The lip crayons, radiant dramatic eyes eyebrow pencils, colorful eyeliners this range has it all. All the products are designed for all skin types.

For a better piece of knowledge, I would like to say that these products are made in Europe. Kay beauty product is vegan, cruelty-free and dermatologically tested. The brand has already started approaching India’s biggest fashion bloggers and beauty influencers. Their PR agency has worked day and night and shortlisted some of the best youtube bloggers and influencers. So that their marketing strategy could work easily in the Indian market.

Let me quickly jump into the brand’s packaging.

Let’s address packaging

As we all know that Katrina is a diva in herself and let’s face it guys if see has launched her makeup line then the packaging should be eye-catching. Yes, you heard me correct, the packaging is very much different from other brands, not even anything similar to any of them. It is fun, quirky, and simple at the same time, all the products have a cardboard box and funkily written as “K” monogram all over the product body. The shade can be easily identified by seeing the color of the product body and the name is written underneath the product. I liked it and I don’t think that she could anything less than this.

The Best Kay Beauty Products

Katrina Kaif launched her first product which was 3D lip crayon. Ya isn’t interesting???

Let me elaborate a bit more about the concept of 3D in the form of lipstick.

1. Kay beauty Matteinee Matte Lipstick

Kay beauty Matteinee Matte Lipstick

The Matte-inee lip crayons which were the first launch from the range. It has a creamy texture but gives a decent matte look once applied. It glides on the lips so effortlessly, which gives a feather-like feeling, super light, and hydrating on lips. The key ingredients like marula oil, chamomile which makes your lips smoother and healthier.

It has all total of 24 shades starting from nudes to dramatic hues especially crafted for all Indian beauties. The shade names are all inspired by the film industry, for example, some shade names are – Rumour, Just friends, Fashionista, Gossip, etc. These shade names remind of those crazy press conferences were celebrities throw tantrums and avoid talking about their personal lives. The brand claims that the lip matteinee stays up to 18 hours long and gives an extremely matte finish with comfort. These lip crayons are 100% waterproof and smudge-proof. Start your day with applying these lip crayons and it will last till your day ends.

2. Kay Beauty Matte Action Lip Liner

Kay Beauty Matte Action Lip Liner

Kay Beauty Matte Action Lip liner is designed to contour and enhance your actual lip shape. A lip liner does its job perfectly by sealing the lipstick. As the lip liner is ultra-matte and long-lasting, it makes your lips look fuller and poutier. It adds dimension to your lips without making it look cracky or textured. These lip liners are also infused with marula oil ad chamomile as the lip crayons.

It has 12 attractive shades in the range which compliments the Lip Matteinee lip crayon. Some the shade names are  Vanity, I’m a fan, Dance Off, Unleash.

3. Kay Beauty Metallic Eyeshadow Stick

Kay Beauty Metallic Eyeshadow Stick

Omg, the metallic eyeshadow sticks from Kay Beauty has a heart. Such an intense pigment which has stunned everyone. It comes with 12 bold shades that have a great metallic finish to it. Thes eyeshadow sticks are ready to use, you don’t have to sit with 100 eyeshadow blending brushes. Just simply draw an untidy line on your eyelid ad smudge it with your finger and you are good to go.

It gives an intense color payoff and it’s 100% waterproof and smudge-proof. Though these are metallic eyeshadow sticks, it gives a minimal sheen to your eyelids. From day time glam to night glam, the shades are perfect for every occasion. Few shade names are –Special effects, Temptation, Golden hour, Blushed moonlight, etc. 

4. Kay Beauty Gel Kajal – Onyx

Kay Beauty Gel Kajal - Onyx

A perfect jet black kajal which works as an eyeliner as well. It stays up to 24 hours and I am sure nothing can be better than this commitment. Being an Indian I know the need for a kajal. Using tons of makeup products on an everyday basis is never our cup of tea, we believe in simply applying a kajal. This kajal is infused with chamomile and ceramide which keeps your lines clean.

The kajal cum gel liner has a thin tip draw the perfect winged upper and lower eyeliner. Ths pencil is sharpenable.

5. Kay beauty Liquid Eyeliner

Kay beauty Liquid Eyeliner

Kay beauty has recently come up with colored eyeliner, which is water-resistant, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof. This eyeliner defines your eyes so beautifully, it has a Flexi tip which helps to draw a perfect needle-like liner. It helps in reaching the inner crevices to draw foxy eyes as well.

The eyeliner has a rich formula with cool chamomile and eucalyptus extract. It has an all total of 8 shades, which has browned to violet everything. Few of the shade names are – Exotic Indigo, Haute Violet, Chic Emerald, etc.

These are my favorite pick from Katrina’s brand Kay Beauty. They do have some products which are still awaited to launch and few are launched recently in quarantine. Here I have shared the best products of Kay Beauty but now I am going to discuss further how Kay Beauty is different from other start-ups in cosmetic and beauty business.

How Kay Beauty is different from other cosmetic startups ??

We all are aware of the fact is, Kylie Jenner has been given the fame of the youngest self-made a billionaire by Forbes in 2019 after her big cosmetic line startup “Kylie Cosmetics” & “Kylie Skin“. Well, after that many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, pop singers came up with the idea of their makeup line. Some seemed very good and some seemed a little disappointing us with their huge hyped product or with the prices.

I will talk about a few Bollywood celebrities who started their beauty or makeup lines in recent few years. Starting with Lara Dutta who came up with her unveiled skincare range called “Arias” where she has shown a concern for age repairing creams and eye creams. Another famous Vj from MTV India Anusha Dandekar launched her CGG Cosmetics- Clean, Green and Gorgeous”. Her concern was to concentrate more on natural products in the form of skincare which every woman can use it daily without thinking about authenticity.

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Next on the row was Katrina Kaif ofcourse, She entered into this business with a bang by collaborating her cosmetic line with Nykaa. Her social media handle was flooded with the product launch count down. It was very appealing to see her in her own brand’s photoshoot. Though her product is not a drugstore brand the price is very much similar to other drugstore brands like Maybelline, Loreal, etc.

Kay Beauty’s Lip matteinee lip crayon and lip liners made the product compare itself with Kylie Jenner’s Kylie lip kit which costs around 2000 INR whereas Katrina’s brand costs around 1400 INR. If one has a discount code of Nykaa they can even get more discount on selected products good. Same as Kylie, Katrina did choose her face for marketing purposes which makes the actress seem how dedicated she is towards her dream startup.

The Bollywood bombshell sharing her screen with jaw-dropping models showcasing all the Asian skin tones. It is different from other cosmetic lines, with its cruelty-free tag and veganism.

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Kay beauty has it’s own authenticity and I am happy that Katrina has not compromised with the quality. Looks luxurious, feels luxurious, and can make you fall in love with makeup. Be your makeup artist, without hesitating.

Pros of Kay Beauty

  1. Natural ingredients used like marula oil, chamomile, eucalyptus extract, ceramide
  2. Vegan
  3. Paraben-free
  4. Cruelty-free
  5. Not tested on animals
  6. Dermatologically tested
  7. Water-resistant

Cons Of Kay Beauty

The only con which I have noticed is most of the products are sharpenable and for me, products which come with a sharpener has a tendency of products getting wasted a lot. Rather the brand could have come up with retractable pencil instead of these sharpenable crayons.

So this is my detailed review of Katrina Kaif’s cosmetic line Kay Beauty. I have loved the products so far and would recommend you guys to use it for once. This is a 100% genuine review of my own, The brand mentioned above i.e., Kay Beauty has not paid me anything to speak positive or negative about their brand neither for other brands. I have mentioned the links of my favorite product, you can click on the link and buy these products. Kay Beauty is also available in all Nykaa stores all over India. Head to stores after lockdown and try out the testers from the store attendant and try it. So as of now your diva signing off, till then #BeAmazingBeADiva.

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