How to get a Sweat Proof makeup this summer

How to get a Sweat Proof makeup this summer

Tips to look fresh and healthy

 Fading of makeup does reduces your confidence and faith on oneself. So one should always keep in mind while moving out of there place during summer season. Many girls does face a problem of fading away makeup due to excessive perspiration. Though it’s a very natural and phenomenon of perspiration because summer is such a season where we can’t help each other while sweating.

So before blaming any other sources we should always get into the root of the problem. What actually causes excessive sweat??? 🤔🤔🤔

So here I go with all the nitty gritty reason behind excessive sweating. Does anyone feel like caring extra clothes during summer season while you go out? The rigorous way of sweating this summer season might be a health issue for you guys. So before it crosses certain extends check with your near physician that whether you are okay or you are suffering from this following symptoms. The symptoms are:-

loose Excess weight to control sweat

1. Excess weight – Those who are very heavy weighted they have the body type of excessive sweat.

woman sweat more when pregnant

2. Motherhood– During pregnancy women do perspire more than their normal days because there body carries an extra human being in it. So there body sometimes feel overweight.

Avoid Nicotine to control sweat

3. Nicotine– People who smokes or having a habit of smoking n number of times. They perspire a lot more than a normal human being because nicotine sucks all the moisture from the body. So the body tends to perspire a lot.

Avoid excessive consumption of Caffeine to control sweat

4. Caffeine– Consumption of caffeine or espresso in short coffee in an uncompromising manner tends more perspiration.

Avoid Spicy Food to control sweat

5. Spicy food– Eating spicy food like spicy noodles or curry this can lead to lot of perspiration.

I know that sweat is a very crucial function of your body, but that doesn’t change the fact that it quite literally puts a damper on things—namely your makeup. Luckily, perspiration doesn’t have to ruin your face, if you’re actually prepared for it with the right makeup and skincare products.

But if you break into a sweat at the thought of having to rearrange your entire beauty routine, don’t worry—follow essential guidelines, below, and rest easy knowing your face makeup is gonna be just fine.

Tips to get a flawless base this summer using this very awesome skin care product.

1 Skincare is a Must

Don’t ever ignore your skincare regime whether it is summer or winters, skincare is a must for your skin. The key secret to prepare your skin for makeup and to fight the sweat battle lies in all good skincare. Apart from using all this steps- cleanser, toner, scrub and mask, you can single handedly use a lightweight water based moisturizer. Do not forget to moisturize your skin because that can worsen your skin texture. Use such a product that can work multi purposely lightweight moisturiser and make sure it’s completely absorbed into your skin. Then, use a mattifying, oil-absorbing sunscreen immediately.

L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Even Complexion SPF 50+ to control sweat

I would recommend you to mix your sunscreen and moisturizer together and apply it on skin. This will help your summer makeup last long. For those who are having oily skin type they can use a mattifying moisturizer cum sunscreen in a single tube which is L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect Even Complexion SPF 50+. It fights against skin darkening and premature ageing.

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2 A strict no to Heavy Base

Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream SPF 24/PAI recommend you to keep your base as lightweight as possible. Keeping your heavy coverage foundations at side when it comes to acing your summer makeup and keeping it sweat-proof. Instead, choose something lightweight, like a BB cream or a CC cream that gives you an even skin tone and sheer coverage and fresh looking face. If required use concealer where ever you feel like you got skin pigmentation. A better option for minimizing your base is CC cream and BB cream. Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream SPF 24/PA+++ is the perfect cream for summer, extremely lightweight gives you a sheer coverage which even gives an illuminated effect on your skin. Just set with compact Powder and you are good to go.

3 Use Powder

PAC Translucent Powder to control sweatOnce you are done with your base then grab your powder brush and dust some translucent powder all over your face. Powders are actually life savior for the summers for their oil-absorbing properties—so be rest assured you can go hours without sweating as the powder efficiently does its work. Compact powder or translucent powder both does wonder in summer. Go for translucent powder because it comes very lightweight and doesn’t get collected in your skin like some of the compact powder does, Go for PAC Translucent Powder that gives you flawless base, immediately brightens your face, extremely lightweight and helps minimizing your pores.

4 Use Waterproof Eye Makeup

Plum natur studio all day wear kohl kajalAlways use waterproof makeup for summer whether it is for face or eye. Eye is such a beautiful part in every girls body part, whether you put in anything in face or not but if you apply simple kajal in your waterline that would do wonder to your look. Always prefer using waterproof kajal or eyeliner or mascara because you never know when emotions can hit a girl’s brain and she can start crying, or everyone does not have the same type of eyelid some might have oily eyelid some have dry eyelid depends on their skin type. The best waterproof kajal you can get it in drugstore is Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal. It is extremely soft, creamy, gel based which gives you a darkest swipe in a single go. The product claims to be 100% waterproof and smudge-proof.

5 Always Carry Blotting Paper

Blotting Paper to control sweatNow what is blotting paper or tissue? Blotting paper is a tissue like paper which is very thin and called as absorbent paper. It absorbs sweat from your skin effortlessly without making you look dry or patchy. So in this summer do not forget to carry a blotting paper in your vanity bag. Trust me it would be a life saver for you in this summer.

6 Fixing Spray

If you people haven’t started using the best makeup trick for summer make it this one, the fixing spray can change your makeup gain especially if you use it before and after applying makeup. You just need to do it spritz one or two spray of your fixing spray pre and post makeup which would help you last your makeup for longer hours. The fixing spray not only gives your makeup or even application but also locks your makeup for longer period of time.

Types of spray

  1. Fixing Spray
  2. Setting Spray

M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix+

There is huge difference between these two spray but fixing spray is everywhere now a days. You can use a water based fixing spray or you all can even make your own spray. For example take water, glycerin and aloe vera and it works a fixing spray as well. A perfect natural way of getting your makeup fixed. Or else you can definitely go for a high end makeup fixing spray like Mac Fix Plus which seamlessly and effortlessly does all the job single handedly pre and post your makeup.

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Tips for looking healthy and glowing

Drink plenty of water this summer

  • Drink plenty of water this summer for more hydration because your skin needs to breathe in. And water plays a crucial part in making your skin look healthier and glowy.
  • Avoid eating oily and spicy food this summer because it may tend to give you Breakouts and acne which I am sure girls would never like it.

Consume healthy and fresh fruits this season.

  • Consume healthy and fresh fruits this season.
  • Always carry your sunblock cream in your vanity bag because the harmful UV rays are very dangerous for your skin.

 wear your sunglasses this summer

  • Do not forget to wear your sunglasses this summer that would carry your style statement effortlessly and is also beneficial for your skin.
  • Try to wear less skin showing dresses that would tend to give you tan in your skin. For that use scarfs and summer socks for feet.

scarfs and summer socks

  • Wash your skin as much as possible and keeps yourself clean. Use an alcohol free deodorant or body spray. Now a day’s body roll on is a good replacement for deodorant girls out there can definitely give it a try.


P.S.- All the following tips and suggestions are completely natural and beneficial for everyone (male and female). The product mentioned above does work on me but it might not work for you. So consult your dermatologist and use the product for better result.

Don’t forget to share and comment below. And let me know what are your plan for summer skincare. Till then enjoy summer and as I always say “Be Amazing be a Diva”….❤️❤️


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