How to carry a magnetic eyelashes

How to carry a magnetic lashes

False eyelashes have always been in trend. Whether it is used with eyelash glue or whether it is a magnetic eyelashes. But my point is if girls are interested in putting falsies then why they don’t go for magnetic falsies. It is even more convenient to use rather than a normal falsies. It is also easier to apply than a glue based is a huge difference between a normal falsies and a magnetic falsies. Now what’s the difference between normal falsies and magnetic falsies???

A normal false eyelash has a plastic band which has genuine human hair or plastic hair which can be applied with eyelash glue. You just need to apply that glue in the lash band and stick it to your natural eye lash. Just press it and hold it for few minutes then you are good to get a fury and hairy falsies. But the process is actually very time taking because you need to wait for the glue to dry a bit then only it will get stuck in your natural lashes.

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Whereas a magnetic false eyelashes are eyelashes which are easier and convenient to use as I have mentioned above. Magnetic false eyelashes have two strips one for upper Lash and another for Lower lash. You just need to fix the magnetic eyelashes with your natural lashes.

In fact the normal false eyelashes which are applied by glue can be sometimes very annoying because with the help of the glue the lash is used to get fixed. But most of the time the glue needs lots and lots of effort to get sticked into the natural eyelash. That can even cause infection to the eyes because those are made up of harmful chemicals sometimes if you are using a low quality glue for sticking the lash. The job becomes very tough when it comes to stick your falsies with the glue.

before and after using magnetic lashes

Magnetic eyelashes essentially work by sandwiching your natural lash between two fake lashes with magnetic strips, which hold them in place the way glue normally would. While they tend to be slightly pricier than the glue- or stick-on options you can wear them, wash them, and re-wear them multiple times, so you wind up getting a whole lot more bang for your requirements.

So now I’ll discuss about the process of wearing a magnetic false eyelashes easily without going through any hustle.

Steps to apply your magnetic eyelashes

1 Finish up all your makeup

This is the most important step which one should do before applying magnetic false eyelashes. Finish with all your makeup and eye makeup. Complete all your eyeshadows work so that afterwards it should not be a mess. So that afterwards the lashes should not be a hurdle for your makeup.

2 Finish all your eye makeup

Apply all your eye makeup such as kajal, eyeliner, and mascara. Apply your mascara generously in your eyelash. Because that would you to balance your eye look. Use a pencil eyeliner most preferably because that would help your lashes to stay in one place. Try to avoid all liquid makeup products near your eyes especially when you are wearing magnetic eyelashes.

3 Keep your hands clean

Keep your hands clean, wash your hands with soap or hand-wash before applying magnetic eyelashes.

4 Stepwise application

  1. It is quite easy as making a sandwich trust me. These lashes are exactly same as the normal falsies. Here you just have to skip the glue part or else everything is same.
  2. Simply you can take a muslin cloth and lay down in a table so that if in case accidentally your lashes fall it can fall in the cloth. It will help your lashes stay firm whenever it falls.
  3. Magnetic eyelashes comes with two lashes for each eye. Simply place the first lash on the top of your eyelid and then put the second eyelash in bottom of the same eyelid then press it gently. Then you are ready to slay your look with the eyelash look.

How to remove the magnetic eyelashes?

The application is very simple and easy, with that the removal of the lashes is as simple as that. Gently press your thumb and index finger in the lashes and grab the lash in your finger. Pull the lashes between your fingers until you feel the magnet comes apart.

Can magnetic eyelashes be reused?

Definitely it can reused as long as the magnet has the effect in the lashes. Keep the lash box carefully so that the lashes can be kept in a safe place where it won’t get damaged.

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False eyelashes are most beautiful makeup tool. Now a days girls don’t even think of going out without wearing falsies. So I am sure that magnetic falsies will definitely be your best go to tool for all my Diva’s out there. Share your picture wearing those eyelashes and tag me in Instagram 👉

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Don’t forget to share and comment below. Till then enjoy summer and as I always say “Be Amazing be a Diva”….❤️❤️

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