How to avoid Cakey makeup

How to avoid Cakey makeup

Despite its so delicious hearing the word cake in real life while thinking of desserts and sweets. But the fact is when it comes to makeup Cakey word actually feels very annoying. Girls feel irritated with a Cakey face when it comes to makeup and Beauty. This generally refers to foundation and powder based makeup products which when used in Layered form.

Getting that booming glow in your face is actually not so easy. It’s a tough a job and a whole beauty regime is been followed to get that. Generally caking of the face is quite easy in summer season and once your face is caked the glow starts becoming pale and dull with that it looks completely unnatural.

Not only the weather is a reason for caking up your foundation but it is also for selecting the wrong foundation for your correct skin type. The key to getting a flawless base is a perfect skincare regimen which often reflects in your makeup.

So, how to choose the best foundation for your skin type or else how to choose your best makeup tool? For better coverage, one should always go for a foundation brush and if someone wants to look natural and glowy then she should go for a beautyblender.

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Common mistakes generally we girls do by ruining our foundation is –
From picking up a wrong foundation shade to avoiding perfect food hygiene. Here are some common mistakes we all do while doing our makeup and which should be strictly avoided.

Here are the steps to avoid Cakey makeup-

1. Always pick a right foundation shade for your skin tone

right foundation shade for your skin tone

Picking up a correct foundation shade is a goal to get a flawless base for your makeup. The foundation should not be too light for your skin nor it should be too dark for your skin. Make sure that your foundation shade should match your body color.
The best way to test your foundation shade is in daylight (Natural Light). Always swatch your foundation underneath your jawline to ensure the perfect shade for your face. This also helps in avoiding caking up your makeup.

2. A little goes too much while in terms of makeup

Too much of makeups or foundation all over the face

Many girls think of applying too much of makeups or foundation all over the face, whereas it is not required.
Since we are heading towards a bright summery weather, girls should always think of putting too much of makeup product in their face. Instead of using a heavy base in this summer one should go for a tinted moisturizer or some kind of BB cream which eventually gives proper coverage and feels healthy to the skin.
A heavy base is the only reason of getting your foundation cakey. Makeup should be applied into the skin only when one should not feel that in the skin. It should be kept as natural as possible.

3. Do not over bake your skin with powder

Do not over bake your skin with powder to avoid cakey makeup

Many girls think that baking in this summer would help their makeup to stick in one place for so long but my dear one it is so not true. Powdering your face can make your skin more dull and dehydrated in this summer because after a certain time span powder starts melting from your skin. And then trust me it even looks worse.
So always remember dust a little amount of powder to your skin this summer because a cracked face is a strict no no for you my girls.

4. Pre-makeup steps is a must for your skin

7 best face serum for glowy and healthy skin

Before heading towards a heavy base for any parties or occasion this summer, ensure that your skin is prepped with a generous amount of moisturizer and serum. Sometimes without prepping your skin, those foundations can look patchy in your skin.

When it comes on choosing your skincare products, make sure that you choose according to your respective skin type. If you an oily skin type go for a gel based skincare range, Plum has a good range of moisturizer for oily skin type. If anyone of you is a dry skin type make sure that you opt for something which has to have Shea butter or milk based skincare range for your skin, Clinique and Nivea has a good range for dry skin type.

Now when the time comes for applying makeup. Apply everything starting from moisturizer to eye cream everything is important. Because your skin needs to breathe before it goes for so many things. Allow the product to sink in your skin for a while then start applying your makeup step by step. This would help you avoid caking of your makeup.

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5. Primer is a must before your makeup starts

Primer is a must before your makeup starts to get avoid cakey makeup

Many of us we generally forget applying primer due to the shortage of time or due to our careless attitude. But primer is the most important to ensure that your makeup would last all day long.

Primer acts a shield for your skin and makeup. Doesn’t matter what skin type you are primer is always a must. An oily skin type should use a primer or primer water that would help your oil from seeping through and would not make your makeup slide here and there. A pore filling primer is also good for acne prone skin that would help fill in all the pores which generally peeps out when the foundation is applied. If you are a dry skin type it will stop your skin look patchy and uneven.

6. Post makeup steps are also important

Post makeup steps are also important

Setting your makeup means not only dusting loose powder in your skin but to ensure that it holds your makeup whole day without ruining it.
Normally girls carry their Powerpuff everywhere and dust slight loose powder and they think that they are good to go. But sealing and locking your makeup is simultaneously important.
So instead of dusting powder, my girls you should start spritzing makeup setting spray that would help your makeup last whole day and night.

7. Choose your makeup tools very carefully

makeup tools to avoid cakey makeup

For makeup whether to use a buffing brush or flat top brush for blending foundation… 🤔🤔
These are certain concerns which girls generally face.

Brushes are always good when your foundation is runny in texture, you can easily move your makeup brush in whatsoever direction you want, but if your foundation is little thick in texture either use a dense buffing brush or a beauty blender for blending that into your skin. Choosing a wrong tool can also lead your makeup look Cakey.

8. Cleanliness is also important (especially your makeup tools)

makeup brushes

Negligence towards makeup tools is one of the biggest mistakes what we often do, which can cause bacteria to spread which lead to gives you pale complexion while applying makeup.

Washing your makeup brushes and sponges is very important after every single use. For cleaning use mild detergent or soap which should contain antibacterial properties, which will help in cleaning the tools more effectively. You can also use shampoos and conditioners for cleaning your makeup tools.

9. Avoid using foundation in your nose area ( especially for oily skin girls)

Avoid using foundation in your nose area to get rid of cakey makeup

Oily skin girls know the difficulties of foundation coming off from nose immediately after applying makeup. For them I would rather suggest, use the minimum amount of foundation in your nose area or else use blotting paper whenever you feel shiny in that area.
However, it is important to make sure that you only set those areas with loose powder that would help in controlling the oil. But avoid using too much powder all over the face. Especially if you are a highlighter lover, then avoid using powder on top of your cheekbones and in all the high points of your face.

10. Avoid using thicker concealer

Avoid using thicker concealer to get rid of cakey makeup

Concealer which is used to cover all your imperfections from the skin. Most demanding step these days for applying makeup. Piling up with makeup like foundation after that concealer can makeup your thin skin look thick and Cakey.
So avoid using thicker concealer underneath the foundation. Because is already doing it’s job of covering those blue bags underneath your eyes. Instead of applying concealer after foundation one should start using the concealer first then the foundation.

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Don’t ever mask your skin with too much of anything whether it’s a foundation or a concealer. Complete those steps and then check your face in the mirror very carefully that if everything is already. Don’t overboard yourself with makeup. Remember if any day you look Cakey underneath your eye take a pea size amount of eye cream and warm it up with your fingers and dab into the skin.

Don’t forget to share and comment below about your experience of cakey makeup. Till then enjoy summer and as I always say “Be Amazing be a Diva”….❤️❤️

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