Does distance matters in a “Relationship”??

Does distance matters in a "Relationship"

Distance is a very short word but actually, it means a lot in a relationship. People say if there is true love then distance should never bother you but trust me this is a freaking shit whatever you hear from people. These all are dialogues that can be given only when you are standing on the opposite side of the frame. Long distance relationship is something which is very difficult to handle, frankly speaking I wish to salute those who handle or pursue this single-handedly. But it takes a lot of effort and time to make oneself understand that they are not going to meet the loved ones for the next couple of months. It is very difficult to conquer all your emotional and physical desire at once and to tackle those all alone.

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When a person’s relationship status is single they don’t generally have to bother about anyone’s presence or absence because no one is there to put complaints and demands in front of them. When you are in a long distance relationship your mind and body always urge for that person. Sometimes you might feel that all the situations and circumstances are against you. In most of the cases, it becomes disastrous because you start overthinking and in this case, you should always be by your partner side and try to understand that what he or she is facing in your absence.

So my blog is not about discussing the demerits of long-distance relationship a relationship is built with lots of love, care, and trust.

There are several benefits and demerits of long distance relationship it definitely varies from person to person that how they take it into their personal life. I’ll also be discussing the benefits of a long distance relationship. See some time situation might not occur in the way you always want it to,I would rather suggest you to just go with the flow and wait for your time.

Long Distance Relationship

Now I’ll explain to you about the benefit of a long distance relationship.

As I told you earlier about people who always tell that if love and trust are there between two people no distance would matter. That’s true in some cases, so I will like to discuss and elaborate it a bit.

Benefits of Long-distance relationship

  1. In this case definitely, you start knowing yourself more than what you actually want from your life. It’s a tough job because in today’s generation people run for money but they don’t actually know what their passion is all about so that you really need a break from all the hustle of life, tensions, and relationships, that’s a better time to understand yourself and it would never be a better time rather than being in a long distance relationship.
  2. Try to surround yourself with positive people, be with them, spend time with them, broaden your outlook sharing your thoughts with them. That would definitely help you to get over from long distance relationship.relationship
  3. Never ever think of ending up your relationship when your partner is not there with you 24*7. Ending up or giving up on something is not the solution what you are actually looking for in fact it would ruin everything. 
  4. You concentrate more on your work and work selflessly they way how much you could have loved your partner selflessly.
  5. Make friends go out with some friends. Make sure that your new friends also become a friend of your partner. That would help you build a good trust in your relationship.relationship make friends
  6. Go to the gym, work out a lot, sweat a lot and at the end eat a lot 😁. Don’t miss a chance of giving a surprise to your partner when he or she comes back after a few months they would love to see you in a new look.
  7. Learn a few foreign languages which you always thought of learning.
  8. Get to know the harsh world, that the world is not only surrounded by good people you have to deal with few scoundrels, rascals, etc.

The harsh but very bitter truth is this – the benefits are very beautiful while reading it in a blog or a book but actually implementing in your own personal life is as difficult as you feel(my personal experience) says that. 

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I don’t have a single intention to pull you guys down that long distance relationships are bad or worse, I know few people those who are happily married staying in a long distance relationship for like 5 years. They haven’t met each other and were only communicating with each other with cell phones and emails and now they are standing firm and happily married. As I told you it absolutely depends on person to person.

Demerits of Long-distance relationship

relationship demerit

  1. You won’t be able to share your everyday thoughts what you feel like eating, what you feel like doing, in fact, you can’t even share your anger with your partner.
  2. You won’t be able to go for lunch, brunch or dinner or date night and it will eventually make you feel alone.
  3. Sometimes you might have that physical desire which you cannot fulfill that all alone, at that time you generally tend to miss your partner a lot.
  4. Sometimes you might have that communication and trust issue between each other.

After facing issues in a long distance relationship there always comes a choice. The choice where you have the option to  leave your current partner and look for someone who will be with you every time, understands your sorrow, makes you feel even better and happier than before.

I would suggest only to do this if the situation becomes worse. Because giving up on your partner is wrong. 

Relationships do take a lot of effort. It’s not what about dinner dates and cute selfies or dreamy vacations. It’s understanding that where they are coming from, what makes them who they are, helping them become the best version of themselves while not forgetting who you are.

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The secret to a successful and trustworthy relationship is never ever doubt on the loyalty of your partner and lastly never ever give up on him or her. Fights and patch-ups are very cute scenarios that generally happens in a relationship.

Same as that, in long distance relationship it does have their own cons and pros. Tackle it all together, efforts should be made both sided. A single person is never responsible for anything. 

I would highly suggest those who are facing bit issue in a long distance relationship.


  1. Don’t pull your fight for very long that would eventually make the things more rotten.
  2. Always try to sort out your fight within a moment. See, showing anger and showering love is completely proportional to each other. How much you show anger equally shower love the next moment.
  3. Don’t cling to your partner every time. Make your own world which should at least contain 2 or more friends.
  4. Don’t underestimate your partner in any way, try to solve his/her problem as much as possible.
  5. Give them enough time so that they should not feel alone.

After doing all these things if it doesn’t work out. Then move on man, the world is filled with a beautiful human being. Someone or the other is always waiting to hold your hand. I know overcoming is not easy but as we all say “Time heals everything”. So wait for your time. Try to utilize your priceless time by reading books, motivating books, never consume alcohol or cigarettes. These activities will eventually make you fall sick. If you wish to cry, don’t hesitate to do so, sometimes crying is the best medicine. Never try to hurt yourself always keep one thing in your mind, your parents are still alive and they won’t feel good to see you lying in the hospital.

Disclaimer: This all are my personal experience what I feel, everyone has a different approach to live life in their own terms, so do I have. Look beautiful, dress beautifully all the boys and girls out there. Hang out with new people, make new friends and the most foremost thing keep yourself happy then only your partner will be the happiest. Grow positively and eradicate negativity from life. Trust me everything will be sorted.

Lastly, my divas and darlings don’t forget to fall in love. It’s beautiful. 🍂🌼


  1. Great article. A lot to learn for couples in a long distance relationship. Keep up the good work my Diva.

  2. Its all about time and approach that you put towards your partner, distance is just a term. Well, everything comes with pros and cons. So, Try to find someone who adds value to your life and helps you to grow. Most importantly, Take time before you get into it. If he/she is meant for you, destiny will take you there no matter what.

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