Cheryl’s Cosmeceutical Hydra moist moisturizer & DermaLite face wash review

Cheryl's Cosmeceutical Hydra moist moisturizer & DermaLite face wash review

Hey everyone!!!

Recently I went to a nearby salon Head Turners Hair Spa & Beauty Salon. Basically, I was called there for a skin scan test which was conducted by Cheryl’s Cosmeceutical from L’oreal India.

My Visit at L'Oreal

So first let me share my experience for the very first time about Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals.

Firstly there were some skin experts present in the salon who has been working with Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals who personally attended to me. She (the expert) started with a brief introduction about the brand and skin diagnosis with various advanced technologies introduced by Cheryl’s. She also told me about their skin scan app which was the first-ever application having an advance technology of keeping a record of clients skin type and texture.

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They generally use the skin scan app just to note their clients’ skin type up which makes their work easier. Not only that, but the Skin Scan App also stores the client’s data. So now coming onto my skin scan day, where I was asked a few basic questions about my skin type and concern, age, etc. and I had to register with my name, number and email id and if I did like to book an appointment now or later. This is the exact same app which Cheryl’s has at all salons where they provide Cheryl’s services.

I will share some pictures from that day which will give you a brief idea about what the skin scan was all about. After the skin scan test was the over the experts advised me to go for a facial treatment but frankly speaking I was not ready at all because I didn’t know that they would suggest me to go for a facial but I agreed to take some products from them which they committed that the product would work wonder on my dry skin.

I bought two products from there skincare range. First one was a dermalite face wash and the second one was a hydra moist moisturizer and that was completely suggested for my skin type. Though I did fill in the application form if in the near future I want some service from Cheryl’s Cosmeceutical they would definitely give me an appointment in their salon.

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Now coming onto the products which I bought that day. I have been using these two products from the last one months. Step by step I will give a quick review about both the products, so let’s get started.

After giving the skin scan test I came to know that I am having an ultra-dry skin like literally ultra-dry skin. They suggested me to consume less oily food they even suggested me to be lesser in AC rooms and cars. Asked me to consume more vegetables and fruits. So I came to know about many things that what actually my skin wants. I had around 16% of oil in my skin which is comparatively very less than other girls. So after getting a complete percentage of oil in my skin, they suggested me two products that are a face wash and a moisturizer.

1. Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals DermaLite face wash

This face was claimed to be clinically proven gentle and effective cleanser that cleanses and lightens up your skin. This face wash somewhat gives instant fairness just because of the ingredients present in this that are chamomile, Niacinamide, Liquorice extract,  lactic acid, hydrolyzed soy protein.

My take on this face wash:

Firstly I’ll discuss the texture of this face wash. It has a jelly-like consistency which is Aqua blue in color, gives you a very light cooling sensation after application. Due to the presence of chamomile oil, it soothes out the skin and gives a refreshing feel in first wash.  As the name suggests it is only suitable for normal to dry skin type. Niacinamide helps the skin not to lose water content. That I found the best in this facewash. Because being a dry skin type I always want to have hydration in my skin. As soy protein is there in this facewash it is also called as a moisturizing face wash.


  1. Ingredients do its job what it claims
  2. Gives you an instant fairness
  3. Has a moisturizing effect after application
  4. Gently cleanses and brightens up your skin


  1. I didn’t find any reduction in melanin production.
  2. It also claims that it vanishes the skin pigmentation which I didn’t found.
  3. The price point is a little higher as compared to the quantity.

Overall I’ll give 3.5 out of 5 for this facewash. I could have given 4 but I had to deduct those 0.5 points only for the price.

CHERYL'S DermaLite Face Wash Normal to Dry skinBuy Now

2. Cheryl’s Cosmeceutical HydraMoist Moisturiser

Now coming on to their hydra moist moisturizer, the moisturizer gives you a 6 hour intense moisture  lockwhich protects the skin’s natural oil and promotes healthy and radiant looking skin. The ingredients contained in this moisturizer is sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, kokum butter, lactobacillus, glycine soybean oil, ceramide, d panthenol, trehalose.

Hydra moist is a very essential moisturizer for especially dry skin type girls who wants their moisture to come back in few hours.  The moisturizer gives you a very high level of moisture in your skin which is powerful and quick absorbing. The ingredients mentioned above has a lot of good things which in whole gives a barrier to the skin to fight with dryness. You just need to apply this onto your skin with very light upward circular motion massage it for 1 minute and keep it for a day or night.


  1. Gives intense moisture to the skin
  2. Due to the availability of kokum butter in it which is also known as a natural lipid.
  3. Lactobacillus glyson soybean oil is known to enhance skin elasticity.
  4. A little amount of moisturizer goes a long way.


  1. The price point is extremely high for such a little quantity.
  2. Sometimes it feels very heavy on your skin
  3. Very strong smell. Girls who feel allergic to the strong smell might not like it.
  4. A big No to all oily and sensitive skin girls.

My take is 3 out of 5 for this hydramoist moisturizer. I could have given 4 out of 5 but the price point is too high.

Cheryl's HydraMoist Skin Moisturizing Cream for Normal to Dry SkinBuy Now

According to me, the brand has not done wonders on my skin but I need to explore the product range more so that I could get a clear result. Overall among these two product I like the hydra moist moisturiser the most.

Disclaimer- The review of this product is a complete genuine review given by me after using this product for 1 month. I am not paid to say anything positive about this product. There is no intention to harm the brands’ name or the intentions of the  customer who love using this brand. It is just my whole and sole experience what I had with this brand. Apart from this, dry skin girls like me they can give it a try.

With that, I would also like to share that every brand has its own merits and demerits attached to it.

So as of now, I’ll quickly finish this off. Do not forget to share and comment down below and for the further update about my upcoming blogs do sign up to the newsletter. It will keep on updating you about my recent blogs an upcoming blogs. I wish you girls had a great start to this week and till then enjoy monsoon. Be safe try not to get wet in this rainy season, until then “Be Amazing Be a Diva”… ❤️


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