Best skin care products for oily skin

Best skin care products for oily skin

Do you face that irritation in your skin in summer season for your oily skin? Don’t worry girls I am going to share my holy grail products which perfectly suits my skin in summer. Though I am dry skin type in winter season but during summers my skin acts as oily to combination skin type.

So I will share some of the crucial and essential tips for your oily skin.

  1. Never miss out having lots and loads of water during the day time. You might skip your lunch or breakfast but never ever skip drinking water. That would keep you hydrated throughout the day.
  2. Try to remove all the makeup whatever you are using in your face. Because those only secretes oil in your face, which eventually tends to get acne and breakouts in your skin.
  3. Try to avoid oily and spicy food, especially street food. Jump into more fruits and juices that would also help your skin glow.
  4. And lastly, don’t skip your skincare regime because if you don’t follow that automatically you will be having pimples and I know that girls hate those pimples on there pretty face.
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Now without any further discussion, I will straight away jump to the products that helped me getting a clear skin. Make sure you do follow the routine every single day. So let’s get started 👇

Holy grail products

1 Moisturizer (day cream)

My take on a moisturizer is always a must because if any day you don’t like to put on makeup that day only a moisturizer would do all your job. So never ever skip a moisturizer. Now the main tough job is to select which moisturizer is good for your oily skin? 🤔🤔 Confused ??

For daytime use:

1. Nivea Aloe Hydration Skin cream

This cream is suitable for all skin types. The goodness of aloe vera keeps the skin good and healthy looking. Enriched with aloe vera extract, it soothes dry and irritated skin and leaves you with comfortable, soft and hydrated skin. The moisturizer is nongreasy in formula quickly absorbs into the skin. The cream is vitamin e enriched and aloe extract. It can be used multi purposely in day and night both.

Nivea Aloe Hydration Skin creamBuy Now

The things what I liked about the cream is –

  1. Lightweight in texture.
  2. Blends really well.
  3. Smells amazing.
  4. Aloe vera works as a savior for acne breakouts.
  5. It is good for all skin types.
  6. Extremely affordable and it is easily available in the market.
2. Himalaya herbals oil free radiance gel cream

Here I am sharing multiple options for moisturizer on the first point I have discussed about Nivea aloe vera hydration cream and now I am going to discuss another face cream which is suitable for oily skin type girls.

Himalaya herbals oil free radiance gel cream is light and nongreasy, daily use gel cream that gently hydrates to give an oil free radiant glow. The cream is very lightweight in texture made up of special kind of herbs to give you an oil free radiance. Though the cream is gel based but it doesn’t dries out your skin, instead of that it gives you a hydrating effect. The cream gives a tired face a quick freshness. This oil free gel cream is dermatologically tested, noncomedogenic, free from parabens and mineral oil.

Himalaya herbals oil free radiance gel creamBuy Now

The things what I liked in this cream are:-

  1. Extremely lightweight
  2. Gel based
  3. Extremely easy to blend
  4. Gently absorbs in the skin
  5. Gives an instant glow

2 Moisturizer (night cream)

1. Plum green tea renewed clarity night gel

As acne is one of the biggest problems suffered by girls and nowadays boys as well, the main reason behind your acne is oily skin. Yes, you heard that right “oily skin”. It takes tons of patience and beauty product to get rid of this acne and pimples.

Oily Skin Care : Plum green tea renewed clarity night gelBuy Now

Well, the solution for this problem is Plum green tea renewed clarity night gel. Plum is among those brands which claim to be completely paraben free, cruelty free and vegan and trust me girls, what it claims to be it actually does.

Especially this green tea range is quite popular among girls which is made up of acne prone skin type. Green tea is one of the most common ingredients in the Indian market, not only this it has some great anti acne ,anti inflammatory and anti aging properties.

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This cream is a night cream, and it can easily applied in your skin. Just you need to cleanse your face during night time and apply a generous amount of this night gel before you go to bed. Next morning when you wake up, you could literally feel your skin soft and smooth. Now coming on to the look of the glass jar, it comes with a glass jar which gives you a feeling of a luxury brand at the same time. But be very careful while handling the jar. Now coming in the Color and odor, it is transparent greenish gel based cream which is extremely lightweight and moisturizing at the same time. Talking about the odor while applying you might get that peculiar green tea fragrance but once the cream gets absorbed into your skin you won’t find the odor as well.

Things what I liked in this product:-

  1. Extremely lightweight.
  2. Gel based very easy to blend
  3. Green tea is the key ingredients of the cream
  4. It gives you a quick results
  5. Gives you a radiant glowing in first use.

3 Serum or concentrate

1. Plum green tea skin clarifying concentrate

This green tea range has serum as well which one of the best products from the whole range. The serum is highly concentrated with the goodness of AHA’s, Cinnamon bark, Licorice, green tea extracts and Willow bark. The serum is extremely lightweight and doesn’t give you a sticky feeling in your skin. This serum is not only good for acne prone skin but it also helps your skin from hyperpigmentation as well.

Plum green tea skin clarifying concentrateBuy Now

The serum is specifically used on the infected areas of the skin which has acne problem. This hyper concentrated serum helps in keeping your skin clear and blemish free.

4 Face Toner

1. Plum green tea alcohol free toner

Do you girls love alcohol free toner for your beautiful skin then this is the toner what you all should try your hands on this “Plum Green tea alcohol free toner”.

Plum Green tea alcohol free tonerBuy Now

This is a holy grail product for oily skin and acne prone girls. This specific toner is from the green tea range. The toner contains green tea extract which has multiple benefits as I have discussed it earlier.

The things that I liked about this product are:-

  1. Very refreshing
  2. Contains glycerine which prevents skin your skin from drying
  3. Contains green tea

5 Eye cream

So you all might be thinking that why an eye cream in oily skin type skincare routine. Let me clear the confusion girls, our eyes are one of the most precious body parts, and for oily skin girls those who don’t feel like to use those heavy under-eye cream which is generally cream based, I have a great alternative for you.

1. Biotique bio seaweed revitalizing anti fatigue eye gel

Biotique bio seaweed revitalizing anti fatigue eye gelBuy Now

This particular product from biotique is so unique and cheap at the same time. I told this product unique because of the seaweed being it’s ingredients. Generally, we see seaweed as an ingredient in all high end brand so that’s pretty impressive from abrand like Biotique.

Now coming on to the product, this eye gel is very refreshing and reduces eye fatigue and eye puffiness. Those girls who face a lot of problems with under eye dark circles they cannot completely rely on the product because for them they need a professionals advice. This product does take time but regular use of the product can give you some miraculous results.

Now coming to the Color and odor, it has no Color and no odor. The best part of the product is this, lightweight, refreshing and very hydrating.

Things what I liked in the product are:-

  1. Feels extremely refreshing after use
  2. No Color
  3. No odor
  4. Feels lightweight and hydrating at the same time
  5. Very affordable
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P.S.- The product which works for me may not work for you. All my divas those who are suffering from a massive acne problem do consult a physician or professional before using these products. The product completely works best for me and this is whole and sole my verdict on the product. There are many other products available in the market which do claim to be better than this are also good in there way. There is no intention to hurt any of the brands’s not mentioned above.

So summer’s are there and my oily skin divas make sure that you try out these products and share your skin care routine in the comment box below. Till then stay healthy and drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated because the scorching heat can make my divas look pale. So as of now “Be amazing be a Diva”. ❤️❤️


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