Pritha Parida

Hello!!! you all might be wondering who this chick is???

Well allow me to break the ice. I’m Pritha Parida, the diva who fits perfectly in her own comfort zone i.e, “The Diva Corner”. Like most self grooming divas I’m also a makeup obsessed, crazy and curious creature. “The Diva Corner” is my personal blog where I’m gonna share beauty secrets passed on through generations courtesy to my heritage. However I assure you it’s not gonna be a boring history lesson as I am gonna add my own social media savvy lifestyle. I will reveal my personal experiences of style experiments in maintaining a proper beauty regime. I believe every diva out there deserves to be a diva 24/7 no matter what. I am also a selfie addict but not a party animal (as I prefer to be a party princess! hehehe ). So be amazing, be a diva.

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