8 Best ideas for painting your nails in this summer

8 Best ideas for painting your nails in this summer

Make an exit to all your old nail polishes and restore them with these –

As the summer count down has begun which means lots of parties, drinks, Instagram etc. etc. So make sure do not stick to your old, chipped, faded nail polish ruining your summer ethics. So before it get too late pre-stock your legitimately gorgeous summer shade.

My Divas now I will be showing you the perfect shade for all your tantrums. Get ready and make your girl friends go crazy and jealous with your awesome pick.

1 Bright Orange or Coral

Shade-Sun-KissedDon’t you feel like eating those oranges lying on the table? Welcome to the summer season where your beverages are hot and so you are with your nail polish shades. If you are still missing the orangey vibe in you then get painted your beautiful nails with the “Sally Hansen Hard as nails Xtreme wear (Shade – Sun Kissed)”.

2 Mint Green

hint of mintAs you are imagining summer in your brain neon are the basic colour these days. From celebrities to fashion influencers all have fully embraced the neon colour. But if my Divas you all are not intending to change your closet, try to paint your nails with this minty green colour. Trust me you are going to love this colour “Elansa Nail Paints – Hint of Mint”.

3 Red

The Town RedReds are always in fashion every season whether it summer or winter. In this summer give an oomph factor to your better half with this beautiful bluish red. Try out “Maybelline New York color show (Shade – Big Apple Reds The Town Red)”.

4 Pure Beige

French ManicureSummer means wedding season if anyone is planning to get married this season they might have seen all the Bollywood Divas getting married in the year 2018, they preferred keeping their nails as neutral as possible. Do not stick with the same old red and maroon colour better to grab a beige colour like this “Maybelline New York Super Stay Gel Nail Color (Shade – French Manicure)”. A perfect colour to match your mood with the perfect occasion without a pop of bold colour.

5 Mustard Colour

Mustard and yellow colour are one of the most Bizarre colour used in nails. But it definitely boost up your confidence and can easily light up your mood so to get this beautiful and unusual colour check this out “Iba Halal Care Breathable Nail Color (Shade – B18 Spicy Mustard)”.

6 Sparkly Blue

Rock the Night
The big chunky glitters always turn out to be girl’s best friend. And this summer Blue nail polishes makes your nails look so flattering on every skin tone. The bright winky glitter nail paints are the accessory you can flaunt in this summer season. The bold, glittery and glossy texture nail paint look opaque in a single quote and makes an instant hit. Maybelline New York Color Show has introduce a party girl range with gorgeous glitter shade and this is – “Maybelline New York Color Show Party Girl Nail Paint (Shade – Rock the Night)”.

7 Lime Green

Color Bar Luxe Nail Lacquer
A very iconic and innovative way of presenting your mood in this summer. The best neon to be raved this season. Introducing the all new luxe collection of Color Bar which brings out the global trending runway shades to your fingertips. With an extremely premium glass bottle that gives you a luxurious filling and seduces you with each stroke of the brush. The shade is “Color Bar Luxe Nail Lacquer (Shade – Lime Margarita 096)”.

8 Lilac

Lilac Scones 130Matte nail colour has been the trendiest thing in 2018. So all my Divas get your nails ready for runway. Nykaa’s Matte Nail Lacquer collection gives you gorgeous shade on standby for the time when you want a more sophisticated vibe. Here I present you the most tempting shade of this collection dedicated to all the girls out there. It’s time to embrace your chic, daring side with this alluring matte nail paint. The shade is “Nykaa Matte Nail Enamel – Lilac Scones 130”.


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Please share your beautiful comments below. Till then as I always say “Be Amazing Be A Diva”… xoxo😍 😘

Disclaimer: The colour might vary in different lighting.


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