5 Preferable Sunscreens to Guard Your Oily Skin

5 Preferable Sunscreens to Guard Your Oily Skin

My dear Divas,⚢ no matter what your skin complexion is it’s always safe to be cautious in this beating heat. A good Sunscreen not only helps in preventing harmful UV rays from damaging your lovely skin, it also provides tons of benefits like enhanced skin tone, anti-ageing and zero freaky tanning. So, before you rush to a nearby cosmetic store this summer, do check out for these 5 particular products (especially if you’ve got an oily skin ) :

1. Loreal Paris UV PERFECT Advanced 12 H UV Protector SPF 50+

Loreal Paris UV PERFECT Advanced 12 H UV Protector SPF 50+

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This one stands best because it’s a water based sunscreen & doesn’t leave a film on your face. The texture is non greasy & very light in weight. Absorbed association of mexoryl SX and XL [XL Block] (SPF 50 and PA+++) provides excellent  UVB and assisted  UVA protection. Detoxyl  protects skin against free radicals and pollutants. It also gives a long lasting optimal protection in a new icy moisturizing texture and can be used at the end of skin care routine and also as a daily moisturizing make up primer.

2. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel, SPF 50

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel, SPF 50

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Lotus is one of the most trusted brands in India. It has an innovative range of sunscreen which contains the extract of horse chestnut, vanilla & comfrey. Being a gel based cream extremely its light weight and doesn’t  block your pores . It effectively  protects your skin from sun burns and  tans.

3. Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock

Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock

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It’s one of the best sun block creams in Indian market. After applying it there is almost no need of a powder touchup. It keeps oily skin completely matte and perspiration free. Although it might pinch your pocket but this baby is worth spending each penny.

4. Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Sunscreen Gel

Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Sunscreen Gel

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Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Sunscreen Gel forms an unseen fence on your skin that provides effective sun protection and also holds in the moisture.A pea-sized drop of the gel is adequate for the entire face, and it blends like heaven, Along with SPF 20, it also provides protection against UVA and UVB sun rays. It doesn’t make you feel suffocated, and after applying it, you may not feel the need to apply a moisturizer again.This gel based cream is fragrance free. It feels extremely light on the skin.

5. Lakme 9 to 5 Hydrating Super Sunscreen  SPF 50 PA

Lakme 9 to 5 Hydrating Super Sunscreen SPF 50 PA

Lakme sunscreen lotion for oily skin comes with SPF 50 PA+++ that helps you fight against harsh UV rays. It keeps you away from tan and sunburns caused due to UVA and UVB rays. Foremostly  “I love the fact that Lakme has come up with a innovative  sunscreen for oily skin types. It is travel-friendly, and actually keeps me hydrated from 9 to 5!”.It is very light in weight with a extravagant packaging with that it prevents causing breakouts

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