5 nude lipsticks suitable for Indian skin tone

5 nude lipsticks suitable for Indian skin tone

Do you struggle like me finding your perfect shade of nude lipstick in the store? If yes then this blog is surely going to give you a perfect definition for nude lipstick specifically for Indian skin tone. These days the market is flooded with nude lipsticks. There are many girls who still believe that they won’t be able to carry those dark plumy, berrish colour in their lips. So for them, nude is a perfect shade for their lips where they can apply their lipstick and it won’t be visible outside.

Now coming on for those girls who like those dramatic reds, plum, berry colour lipsticks, for them, it’s not a difficult task to find there shade. But fortunately we Indians are blessed with such a beautiful skin tone that sometimes all the lipstick tubes consider the name “nude” sometimes turns to look like concealer on their lips.

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Personally speaking, I am on the duskier side of Indian skin tone, like me many other girls twin with my skin tone. So how to choose a perfect shade match for their lips? This is 21st century girls, here we not only select our perfect foundation shade but we do check out lipsticks of our own skin tone.😎😎

So quickly let’s jump into to the further discussion of which lip colours actually makes best nude lipsticks in India and how to find your perfect shade.

Though we are blessed with 24*7 internet connection these days so we don’t have to go to the store and swatch all the lipsticks in our lips because it is almost next to impossible. The two in the Indian market where all the sales attendant in beauty stores generally don’t allow girls to Swatch lipstick in their lips because brands don’t send their tester every time. Even those tester are not always safe and hygiene for your lips. So how girls will know that what is their shade all about?

Don’t worry I shall tell you.

Firstly always check what type of skin tone or complexion you are having. Figure out all the nitty-gritty part about your undertone whether you are warm, cool or neutral skin tone. If one knows the drill about the complexion what she’s having then it’s not a tough job for a girl to select a perfect nude lipstick for her skin tone.

Some ideal and common nude lipstick generally we see in the market they are magenta, light magenta, mauve color, etc, etc.

We Indian generally comes under briefly 5 specific skin tone and those are fare, medium, dusky dark and deep dark.

5 nude lipsticks suitable for Indian skin tone
Left to Right –
1. Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon (Shade- Cashmere), 2. Colorbar Kiss Proof Lip Stain (Shade- Haute Latte), 3. Sugar Cosmetics Matte As Hell Lip Crayon (Shade- Jackie Brown), 4. Lakme enrich lip crayon (Shade- Cinnamon Brown), 5. Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipstick (Shade- Chai)

With that today I am going to share 5 nude lipsticks for every single girl out there who feel confused while selecting a good nude lipstick. I will start with the one which is the cheapest of all the five.

1. Lakme enrich lip crayon (Shade- Cinnamon Brown)

nude lipsticks - Lakme enrich lip crayon (Shade Cinnamon Brown)Buy Now

These lipsticks were the first most cheap crayons launched by Lakme. Especially this shade was completely different from all the usual Lakme shades of orange, pink or red. In fact, when it was launched a few years back I was so excited to try these lipsticks on my lips and it was also very pocket friendly for me.

The shade tells everything that is cinnamon brown which does not come under the category of deep brown or nude brown it was somewhere in the middle of both of them. It can be rather named as a softer version of brown. As it retails for just 165 rupees these days so we cannot ask for more from the brand like Lakme.

I am not the biggest fan of the pigmentation, though the colour is buildable. It takes two to three swipe to get that perfect pigment out from the lipstick crayon. The wearability, transferability and the staying power of the lipstick is not bad. It stays on your lips for 4 hours which is a good count in such a low budget.

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Rest coming to the packaging, it actually will make you remember of your school days. It looks so cute while applying on the lips which makes me feel that I am using a colour crayon to paint my lips. The best part about this lipstick is, it does not change the original colour after several repetitions.

So for me, all the medium and duskier skin tone girls out there go give it a try. I am sure that you all can beautifully pull this off as a new shade. My overall verdict for this lipsticks is Good. If you are on a budget totally check this lipstick out they are super comfortable to wear as well.

2. Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipstick (Shade- Chai)

Chai 😒😒😒
Who else felt little confused when the shade name was out during the launch of these beauties? 🙋

nude lipsticks - Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipstick (Shade - Chai)Buy Now

The word chai itself gives you the melody and releases all your tiredness at home or work. Especially me coming from a city where Chai means “Adda” (gossip). Now I will stop blabbering and concentrate on what the name is all about.

Nykaa had launched their first ever liquid lipstick in there website in 2018. Especially in this range, they have concentrated in shade names and culture. If you all are still confused I will clear that, Nykaa has launched these beautiful looking liquid lipsticks after every Indian cities. From Bombae to Guwa-hottie these names are after beautiful cities like Mumbai and Guwahati.

Like the same, the shade “Chai” resembles of Darjeeling according to the packaging shown in Nykaa.

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Chai is one of the most demanded shade for their customers as much as I know because we Indian girls always eye on something that would catch someone’s attention from far. So does this lipstick.

Packaging wise great looks cute and compact. The colour turns slightly dark once settled down on your lips. The only con what I found was the formulation of the liquid lipstick is little patchy sometimes. It won’t make you last till your lunch if you are heading for a day date then it won’t make it last.

I have shown the shade in my hand though it looks little different in my hand. But trust me girls, once you apply it on your lips I promise you would love seeing the shade in your own lips. Perfect shade for a date night look or afternoon brunch it would go with all.

According to the price point, I bought this liquid lipstick for ₹499 (approx ₹500). But trust me you won’t regret after seeing the shade.

3. Sugar Cosmetics Matte As Hell Lip Crayon (Shade- Jackie Brown)

Sugar Cosmetics is one of the most talked brand in the market. Coming on to there lip crayon range, this “Matte as hell” range contains all total 18 shades. And trust me girls all the shades are to die for, from reds to pinks, nudes to brown, mauvy to orange every shade is so adorable and long lasting from this particular range.

nude lipsticks - Sugar Cosmetics Matte As Hell Lip Crayon (Shade - Jackie Brown)Buy Now

The shade Jackie brown is a complete chocolate brown in colour. Which doesn’t change the shade once applied on to the lips. The crayons are designed in such a way that it can be sharpened and used, it is not those retractable crayons. So be careful while handling the lip crayon.

The lipsticks are so smooth in texture, and will definitely give you a buttery soft feeling in your lips even if it gets dried in your lips, it won’t make you feel uncomfortable. Stays for 8 hours and more if you are not consuming heavy oily food. The coverage is high, you’ll not have to reapply every time. In Fact, it is dermatologically tested and approved 100% safe for your skin.

The only con I found is why brands always launch their lip crayon with a sharpener.🙅 The product gets wasted while sharpening, in fact, half of the Crayon gets wasted by sharpening. This type of crayon should always come in a retractable pencil form so that we can use the whole crayon. Coming on to the price it comes in little higher price ₹799, but it is worth an investment.

4. Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon (Shade- Cashmere)

My first ever purchase from Faces Canada is a lipstick. Heard so many good things from YouTubers and bloggers about this crayons. But after trying my own hand in these were like wow…🤩

nude lipsticks - Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon (Shade - Cashmere)Buy Now

I opted for a nude shade as summer is all around and there is so much of humidity in Kolkata so wearing those red and pink shade lipstick can make my lips bleed, so I headed for Faces lip crayon (Cashmere). The shade reminds me of roasted cashew. The formulation of the lip crayon is completely similar to the sugar crayon and price is also similar to each other.

The packaging is not to die for but the formulation is to, the best part about the crayons is they come with a Color coded crayon, which reduces half of the work for a girl to select which shade to go for, there it a +1 from my side. The con about this crayon is, it can only be sharpened by faces sharpener no other sharpener gives the perfect tip to the lipstick. So that’s a big minus marking here.

Other than that formula is good, the color selection is great for every Indian skin tone. Not budget friendly at all so all my college girls out there save each and every penny from your pocket money and make Cashmere your next best friend.

5. Colorbar Kiss Proof Lip Stain (Shade- Haute Latte)

The Colorbar kiss proof range was almost saturated from the market when they again came up with a new packaging for these lip stains. “Haute Latte” reminds me of smooth and subtle coffee which can be worn daily, occasionally or formally.

Colorbar Kiss Proof Lip Stain (Shade - Haute Latte)Buy Now

A perfect shade for all those ladies who go to work every single day, they can easily carry this shade effortlessly. My personal experience with this lip stain was quite impressive and good. The packaging was super luxurious from outside, silver carton for outer packaging and inner packaging is see through tube where one can easily find the shade.

The liquid lipstick is little runny in texture, but that’s absolutely not a con. In Fact, it gives the lip stain more thumbs up 👍 for keeping those ladies in mind who used to dip in there brush in liquid lipstick quite often. The lipstick wand collects a sufficient amount of lip stain in one go, no one needs to dig in the product again and again for getting the lip stain out.

Coming to the formula, it takes 20 seconds to settle down on the lips. In short, I can tell that it is one of the most comfortable liquid lipstick I have used till date. Extremely lightweight, super comfortable, super matte, clings to your lips till dinner. I guarantee on that.

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The whole range comes with bold colours but Haute Latte gives you a mauvish hint to your lips which makes your lips look more sophisticated and elegant at the same time. It is not that boring brown or mauve it comes in between those two colours. According to the price it is expensive, yes it is spending ₹900 in a liquid lipstick is a big investment but these days Amazon and Nykaa are giving a bunch of sale in their website. So go check out and get one for you.

Overall for me, it is best for all my office going ladies. Head to your workplace with this beauty and make your colleagues go crazy for your lips.

Please share your beautiful comments below and share your experience on nude lipsticks. Till then as I always say “Be Amazing Be A Diva”. ❤️❤️

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