Month: July 2019

Shaving myth busted (Whether to shave or not)

Shaving myth busted. Whether to shave or not?

Every woman once in a lifetime must have hesitated to shave her body because of some myth which she might have heard from her mum or from her friend etc. Trust me, girls that weren’t easy at all, I did hesitate for the first time before shaving my legs. The main thing which always clicked… Read More »

10 signs that he is losing interest in you

10 signs that he is losing interest in you

Do you love him? But you don’t get the desired attention from your partner 💔. See, guys are a little less in the manner of expressing their feelings, we girls can explain things in a very elaborate manner but this behavior guys generally don’t have much in them. Priority always comes first in a relationship…. Read More »

Does distance matters in a “Relationship”??

Does distance matters in a "Relationship"

Distance is a very short word but actually, it means a lot in a relationship. People say if there is true love then distance should never bother you but trust me this is a freaking shit whatever you hear from people. These all are dialogues that can be given only when you are standing on… Read More »