10 signs that he is losing interest in you

10 signs that he is losing interest in you

Do you love him? But you don’t get the desired attention from your partner 💔.

See, guys are a little less in the manner of expressing their feelings, we girls can explain things in a very elaborate manner but this behavior guys generally don’t have much in them.

Priority always comes first in a relationship. The person will only matter to you or his presence will only bother you or who makes you feel better then go get him the girl. Because he is the one with whom you can spend the rest of your life. If he doesn’t bother your existence and gets irritated from you then I have something very crucial to share with you girl. And these are few signs which your partner generally displays when you are around him.

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signs that he is losing interest in you

In this article, I would like to describe in detail the many signs that guys show when they don’t like a girl. You might be interested in that guy, but before igniting your feelings for him, make sure that he has the same feelings for you? This seems like a bit harder question to answer for many women and girls out there and it doesn’t need to be. You can observe the behavior of the guy you like and determine for yourself if he has feelings for you.

Signs that he is not interested anymore 💔

  1. He avoids physical contact with you and that generally tends to shatter a girl. Once upon a time when he used to jump on you like his first meal of the day, but unfortunately now he doesn’t even feel like touching you. Then, girl, you need to understand that he is not interested in you anymore.
  2. He communicates very less with you knowing that you love talking and chatting with him but still he avoids you, then it’s one more sign that he is avoiding you. When he avoids your calls and messages being free and sitting idle then you should know that he is not interested in you anymore.
  3. When he runs away from your conversation and doesn’t show that same interest in your conversation like he previously used to do with you.
  4. Doesn’t puts in the effort while making you happy. In Fact, it doesn’t bother him whether you’re happy or sad.
  5. He doesn’t support you mentally when you are all alone, always underestimates you without any reason.
  6. Doesn’t pick up your call at a single ring and after several rings, he picks up the call and end up fighting with you.
  7. Always gives an excuse while going out with you, spending time with you becomes a burden for him.
  8. His conversation never turns out to be romantic, he always forces to talk professionally.
  9. When he doesn’t show any interest in your social life.
  10. All your good habits and bad habit starts annoying him which was once his favorite thing to do.
  11. He doesn’t even try to impress you that’s the main thing.
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These are few signs which a girl should always keep it in her mind while she spends time with her. Check out his body language if any of the other day one of this sign is justifying your situation straightway go to him, ask what is his problem?

Argue with him, rather I would suggest fight with him, do all the possible steps which you never thought of doing it.

losing interest in you


I know that Love finds its own way but it is applied only when both the person is madly in love with each other. Entertaining such behavior from a guy is also wrong eventually your life is going to be hell. Try to communicate more face to face instead of communicating via chats or emails.

The above points which I have mentioned are the maximum probable points which generally happens in most of the cases. But in some cases the guy is not wrong, he might go through a mental breakout in his workplace. This might be the reason behind all the above points. But as I said in most of the cases the above points turn out to be true.

Ups and downs always keep going on in a relationship but maintaining that spontaneously is something which all can’t do it.


  1. Never stop communicating with him
  2. One day he might realize and come back to you.
  3. Never stop asking about his daily life, for example, what is doing? Or what he had for lunch or dinner? etc
  4. Try to behave in the way he wants you to do. ( Only which you can do)
  5. Never ever make him feel that you are a burden for him.
  6. Try to prepare his favorite dishes which he loves to eat . As we all say the way to your lover’s heart goes through his stomach. So never compromise in making him feel better in that case.
  7. Approach him for candlelight date, be the guy in your relationship.


Try to take these suggestions seriously and implement this in your real life. So that you don’t have to google every time to know that “what are signs that he is not interested in me anymore”?

Hope everyone keeps good health and never fails in impressing your man. After all true love speaks dude …❤️

Till then follow me on Instagram, facebook, twitter. Lastly, my divas don’t hesitate in looking beautiful. Look beautiful and be you.



  1. U have to just go with the flow loving and to be loved is very difficult it should be a true dedication its like a worship

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