10 best Monsoon Nail art ideas

10 best Monsoon Nail art ideas

Beautiful monsoon blue is back and all my divas pull up your socks for the most beautiful nail art session with some quirky manicures and colours. Though monsoon is one of the most celebrated seasons in our country and all over the world. It is not always necessary that you should paint your nails according to the season. But I can definitely suggest some great ideas for nail art so that you can flaunt your nails in the crowd and can give inspiration to other ladies for your extremely beautiful nail masterpiece.

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So starting off with very common and very easy nail paint designs what we might have tried in our childhood when we wear in school.

1. The raindrop nail design

We all must have tried this in our childhood days putting dots in our nail colour and flaunting our nail in the classroom. Those pop of colour in a dark shade which exactly resembles a raindrop. Sometimes you can also put those umbrella stickers in your nail for extra quirkiness.

I would recommend the Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel for base colour & O3+ Plunge Nail Paint Polish Lacquer for raindrops.

The raindrop nail design

2. Cloud all around

Just imagine that there are some clouds peeping out from your nails. Isn’t that sounds really very cool!!!

Yes, you got me correct now I am going to share the funniest way of decorating your nails. Just take any pale blue colour or dark blue colour just draw a few clouds and fill in white colour nail polish in it. You are good to go with those nails it will give you that feeling of monsoon. Funny living this nail design you must have square and medium length of the nail.

I will recommend a very common nail colour in this monsoon Colorbar Luxe Nail Lacquer, Peacock Blue 105 for your base colour and Nykaa nail enamel marshmallow dream 83 for the clouds.

Cloud all around

3. Vibgyor in town

After a rain when we see a rainbow in the sky what does it comes to your mind? When I was a child I used to imagine that why not the rainbow can be in my hand. Can’t I put all the seven colours in my fingers right? But trust me, girls, nowadays it’s not impossible to do that, aww childhood memories which we cannot forget we can easily cut them in our nails.

To draw a Vibgyor nail colour in your nail, first, you need to do is take a glass bowl and fill in some water in it.

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After that starting from Red and ending it with purple start polling all the seven colours from rainbow one by one in that glass ball. Once you notice a rainbow forming in the glass bowl quickly emerge your fingers in the glass bowl and take it out. You will see a beautiful Vibgyor has formed in your nails. Clean the nail surface with acetone-free nail enamel remover. Lastly, don’t forget to coat a base colour on top so that he doesn’t come out easily.

I would recommend you all the 7 colours from any brand which has a good consistency and the nail paint which gives an opaque finish.

Vibgyor in town

4. Toad your best friend

Try to make this amphibian your best friend for this season. Paint your nails completely white and put a frog sticker on the nail. It will give you a better vibe of the rainy season. Don’t forget to coat it with a transparent base coat.

I would recommend you Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Enamel, Porcelain Party.

Toad your best friend

5. Spray painting

Spray painting not only looks good on paper but also in nails, yes you heard that correct spray painting in the nail is a unique idea of enhancing your beautiful nail this rainy season. Just a few simple steps and you can get hassle-free beautiful nails with some simple steps of DIYs.

Take a nude colour nail paint, after that take a straw ( with which you have your soft drinks), dip that straw in any dark colour nail colour and just blow it softly. you can easily get beautiful nails without going to nail art shop. A quick and easy way of getting a perfect parlour like nails.

I recommend Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Gloss Nail Colour, Nude Flush and for designing you can take Faces Nail Enamel, Marooned 401.

Spray painting

6. Ombre Nails

Ombre nails are since in trend when Kylie Jenner started her trend of nails of mixing two colours and applying it on nails and no doubt it looks so good in nails. It gives a rainy look as well as a gipsy feeling at the same time.

The steps are quite easy to do,

Simply apply a neon pink colour nail polish in the base and dab off some neon yellow colour of nail polish on top of that with the help of cotton. You are all set with your trendy ombre nails.

I would recommend you Revlon Nail Enamel, Shocking Pink in the base and Colorbar Colorbar Luxe Nail Lacquer, Pina Colada 099 to dab at the top of the nails. Don’t forget to apply a matte base coat on top of that to get an extra sophisticated look.

Ombre Nails

7. Marble Nails

When you see a restroom’s floorings with beautiful marble haven’t you imagined of getting those designs in your nails?? I always craved for those nails. But now it’s not impossible to get those types of nails. Marble nails are generally done in salons because to get those perfect proportion of colours in your hands you need a professional hand.

I am giving some salon references below so that you can check them out and reach out to them to get these beautiful marble nails this rainy season.

Marble Nails

8. Glitters are always in

Yes, glitters are always in trend whether it’s 21st century or 19th-century glitters were girls best friend and it would remain a girl’s best friend. Glitter nail polish is easily available in the market with a variety of colours and textures given to it.

I recommend you some great Lakme Color Crush Nail Art.

monsoon idea - Glitters are always in

9. Keep it as simple

When we see rain goes and we all get to see a crystal clear sky and that colour, aaaahhhhh wow, what a colour we all get to see that time, unique and beautiful at the same time. That exact blue colour is something I always prefer in rainy reason. keeping it simple and subtle all the time in this season I would recommend you a beautiful sky blue colour nail polish which would exactly resemble you all with the sky.

Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Gloss Nail Colour, Blue Scape a perfect shade for a simple and subtle look, which won’t pinch your pocket and would last in your nail for more than 2 weeks.

monsoon idea - Keep it as simple

10. Water all around

To get a water-themed nail you should either go for transparent nails which not only gives your nail and beautiful glossier effect but also gives your nail and beautiful look at the same time.

I would recommend you Deborah Milano 10 DAYS LONG – 00 TOP COAT Nail Polish.

monsoon idea - Water all around

This monsoon starts loving your nails with a monsoon theme. I will take your leave until then keep loving yourself. Do not forget to share and comment down below and for the further update about my upcoming blogs do sign up to the newsletter. I wish you girls had a great start to this week and till then enjoy monsoon. Be safe try not to get wet in this rainy season, until then “Be Amazing Be a Diva”… ❤️

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